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Drewitz School of Dance students receive ballet exam results

Many students participated in testing earlier this year.

ESTEVAN - Students from the Drewitz School of Dance, under the direction of            Lorie-Gay Drewitz-Gallaway and her assistant teacher Hunter Hildebrand, were tested in ballet badges and enrichment tests earlier this year.

The Canadian  Dance Teachers’ Examinations is a professional dance syllabus taught by certified teachers across Canada. Children are examined in presentation, musicality and strong technical criteria.

Exams took place Jan. 16 and results were received recently. The examiner for ballet was Paulette Puetz from Humboldt.

Ballet Examinations:

Ballet badges and enrichments:

Preliminary ballet badge:

Successful – Addison Melle, Vayda Smyth, Paisley Davenport, Ferriday Ciepliski, Nora Graham, Lakyn Markowski, Shammah-Gail Placer, Aylah Nordin and Claire Assoumbang.

Grade 3 ballet enrichment:

Honours – Paige Petersen.

Highly commended – Sydney Ross, Peyton Irwin and Layla Kitz.

Commended: Josie Hurren, Mercedes Irwin, Scarlett Mercer and Audie-Rae Richardson.

Pass Plus: Elliana Wiebe and Alexis Paton.

The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) students from the Drewitz School of Dance also recently received their results from London.

The RAD curriculum has been implemented in Professional dance studios worldwide. The marking system and medals are awarded for each grade in bronze (pass), silver (merit) and gold (distinction).

With ballet being the fundamental discipline in dance, children are encouraged to participate in examinations which are an individual goal for them.

Students are strategically marked in all specified areas: technique, posture, musicality, presentation, character and their dances have been graded.

The standard required to pass is international throughout all countries. Examinations for this session were for students in grades primary to eight and for vocational exams.

This spring’s examiner was Debra Jones from Ontario.

Recently receive results were as follows:

Primary grade:

Distinction – Sofia Erana-Schmegelsky.

Merit – Lexey Lievaart, McKinley Gabert, Elizabeth Culham, Desiree Krahn, Ivy Eskra, Emma Salkeld and Paige Van Ry Broek.

Grade 1:

Merit – Zelie Roy-Cennon, Eva Gedak, Grace Hall, Alice Mowchenko, Mollie Kingdon, Tyler Zabel, Aubrie Jorgensen, Gabrielle Morales, Brooklyn Morissette and Chloe Marsh.

Grade 2:

Merit  Sofia Carritt, Silver Gardiner, Natalie Currie, Ella Smyth, Isabella Culham, Madison Zukewich, Kayleigh Reed, Rowan Grimes, Coco Mercer, Aspen Mayuk, Paris Irwin, Keira Kessler and Avery Talsma.

Grade 3:

Merit – Summer Gardiner, Rylee Johnston, Ava Mann, Sierra Mantei, Emma Morhart, Kelsie Wilson, Taylor Ellis, Elizabeth Harmsworth and Sophia Deitz.

Grade 4:

Merit – Charlotte Waldegger, Brooke Dzeryk, Marin Burnett, Payton Sernick, Sydney Lainton, Tegan Mosley and Cana Marsh.

Grade 5:

Merit – Peyton Irwin, Layla Kitz, Sydney Ross, Paige Petersen, Josie Hurren, Scarlett Mercer, Mercedes Irwin, Elliana Wiebe, Sienna Kuntz and Alexis Paton.

Grade 6:

Merit – Kerison Burnett, Lindsay Mack, Tyann Babyak, Rowyn Siever, Sophia Fleck, Samantha Carritt, Hunter McNabb, Hailey Taylor and Ekko Sanguin.

Grade 7:

Merit – Halle Adams and Bryanna Morrow.

Grade 8:

Merit – Kate Schmidt.

RAD vocational exam results:

Advanced foundation:

Merit - Jersey Long and Shayla Gill.

Advanced two:

Merit – Elsie Alexander

Pass – Brielle Wakely

Advanced 2 is the final examination of the RAD. Few students across Canada complete this final exam. They have danced since pre-school at the studio and worked to achieve this status.