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Be safe out there on vacation

"Summertime, and the livin' is easy …"So go the words of a famous jazz tune, evoking long, lazy days of relaxation, sunshine and fun. This is the prime time for Canadians to be outdoors enjoying the wonders of nature and taking a break from the routines of life.This is also an important time to consider safety, not as a way to put a damper on the fun, but as a way to have fun responsibly, and live to tell the tale when summer's done.

Safety on the water is of utmost importance if you're out in a boat, fishing or waterskiing, or simply canoeing or kayaking and enjoying the quiet beauty of a river or a lake. A water safety course is required for the operation of a motor boat, and having lifejackets along for you and all passengers just makes common sense.Safety is also important when hitting the highway and heading out for a long weekend, or driving across the country to visit family and friends, or simply to see another part of Canada.The roads and highways at this time of year are heavy with motorists during vacation time, so it is doubly important to be alert and well-rested, and to keep informed about road conditions and the weather, particularly if travelling long distances. It would also be a good idea to have a road emergency kit along, should an emergency of some sort arise while travelling.This time of year is also one of the busiest of the year for our farming community, particularly when haying and when harvest time starts up later in the summer and early fall. Farm safety is of utmost importance, but it can so easily fall by the wayside when putting in long hours with livestock or while working with large field machinery.Even if one's vacation time is simply spent around home, cycling or skateboarding or in-line skating, or riding a motorcycle - don't forget to wear a helmet, and protect yourself from harm.The bottom line is, take care and be safe, and have fun in a responsible way!