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Engaging, entertaining free concert hosted by Assiniboia Arts Council

Martin Kerr was energetic, enthusiastic, animated, and happy to be performing live and in concert once again.
ASSINIBOIA -The Assiniboia and District Arts Council sponsored a free music concert at the Prince of Wales Center in Assiniboia on November 4. More than 70 people attended and left with a big smile on their faces! No word of a lie. It’s safe to say, in a well worn cliche, that a good time was had ... by all! 

Celebrating 40 years this year - it should be noted - the Assiniboia and District Arts Council has provided hundreds of “opportunities to experience and explore the world of arts and culture”. Thursday’s concert was no exception. In a word, it was simply “wonderful”!

With opening remarks by the mayor, and Arts Council president Alison Lewis, the concert quickly got under way. From the moment he and his musical companion stepped up to the microphone,

Martin Kerr was a total delight. He was energetic, enthusiastic, animated, and happy to be performing live and in concert once again. Singing mostly his own ‘original’ songs, as well as several cover tunes, Martin engaged the audience, not just with his songs, but also with his own brand of British humour, cute and quaint stories, and a winning smile.

His songs were melodic, his ‘pitch’ was true, and his voice was clear and pleasant to the ear. His musical selections were good, his lyrics were meaningful, his ‘sound’ was well balanced, and his words were plain and intelligible. What more could one ask for?

Martin came to us from Edmonton where he now lives with his wife Tara and their three young children. He is originally from Britain. Martin tells the hilarious story of how a bold young Canadian girl one day - out of the clear blue - introduced herself to him, then proceeded to pursue him relentlessly, until she finally caught him.

That’s his story. And he’s sticking to it.

Music is Martin’s chosen profession and full time occupation. He’s a good musician and song writer, but also an affable and charmingly pleasant entertainer. He kept his audience not only entertained, but engaged and hanging on every word that came from his mouth. He encouraged audience participation by inviting everyone to sing along to his own original tunes, which no one, of course, had ever heard before. The audience followed along willingly, happily, and with no hesitation, clapping their hands in the air, keeping time to his music.

Martin’s music was offered up for sale at a merchandising table which he personally attended during the intermission. Concert goers were able to buy individual CD’s of his music, or a personalized ‘Action Figure’ of Martin which contained all 12 of his albums. As he held up his  tiny action figure for all to see just before the intermission, he explained: “All you have to do is pull my pants down, to hear the music”! Martin’s ‘action figure’ - it turns out - is actually a USB ‘thumb-drive’. Just pull his pants off, plug it into your computer, and listen - ‘til your heart’s content. His action figure USB may very well be the most creative idea of the new millennium!

If you missed the Martin Kerr concert in Assiniboia, no worries. Listen to his music and watch his creative videos online at