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Margaret Delainey is known as the Sunflower Lady

Margaret Delainey enjoys painting flowers, landscapes and Saskatchewan skies.
Margaret Delainey loves to visit with all who attend the Artist Colony.

MOOSE MOUNTAIN PROVINCIAL PARK - The Artist Colony of Moose Mountain Provincial Park has welcomed long-time artist Margaret Delainey since 2008. 

She is the longest-staying permanent resident at the colony. 

Delainey has always lived in Saskatchewan and was raised on a farm south of Melfort. 

After having a successful career in teaching, Delainey retired in 2001. She now resides in Regina, but at one time she was the principal at an Estevan school. 

Delainey began to paint more often after she retired in 2001. It helped her a great deal with the struggles of fibromyalgia. Painting helped take her mind of the pain associated with the illness. 

Working with acrylic and water colour, Delainey would paint sunflowers. She painted different masterpieces of the flower and soon became known as the sunflower lady. 

Delainey’s talent does not end with sunflowers. She paints all flowers, landscapes and the ever-changing skies of Saskatchewan. 

While Delainey is at the colony, she resides at her cabin in White Bear. There she began to paint the beauty of birch trees, saskatoon bushes and the lush cattails. 

Over the years, Delainey has seen extensive changes at the colony. 

At first, 230 visitors would come through to see the artists’ displays, and now over 3,000 people view the work of all the artists throughout the season. 

The colony is a heritage place and Delainey watched as the cabins transformed into rustic treasurers for artists to display their work. 

Delainey’s art is shipped all over the world and she is a member of the Prairie Artist Guild. 

Although Delainey is proud of her accomplishments, she also has a great deal of praise for all the artists that come to the colony. 

She feels there is a freshness every week when new talent graces the rotating cabins. 

Talent runs in Delainey’s family. Her daughter, Brenda Blackburn is also a talented artist, along with Delainey’s granddaughter Brittany Canham. Canham does detailed beadwork. 

Delainey enjoys inspiring others and absolutely loves visiting with all the artists and visitors at the colony.  

“It is such a pleasure to meet all this talent,” said Delainey.