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Moosomin artist enjoying sixth year at Moose Mountain art colony

Eli Barsi is among the talented artists to be at the Artist Colony in Moose Mountain Provincial Park this year.
Eli Barsi
Eli Barsi has a passion for her art, music and books.

MOOSE MOUNTAIN PROVINCIAL PARK - Eli Barsi has been attending the Artist Colony of Moose Mountain Provincial Park for the past six years.

Barsi and her husband, John Cunningham, reside in Moosomin, but have also lived in Alberta and Nashville.

At an early age, Barsi had an interest in music and art. She began to play different instruments, while singing and writing songs.

Barsi’s musical talent has paid off, as she is working on her 18th album.

Her music stems from her western roots and her prairie background. Her last album, titled Portrait of a Cowgirl is dedicated to her mother’s fulfilling life.

This album title won her the Wranglers Award for Best Composition. Barsi is the only Canadian woman to receive this honour.

Barsi has travelled internationally, with radio support, and has performed concerts across Canada, the United States and parts of Europe.

Six years ago, Barsi started to paint professionally. Her inspiration comes from her Prairie surroundings. It also derives from her community and other artists.

Each piece is different. Pet portraits can easily take 20 hours, yet a landscape may take from two hours to two days.

She enjoys taking reclaimed or up-cycled items and giving them a fresh look. Pieces may have a country scene while others may have beautiful flowers.

Her original art pieces consist of landscapes, animals and portraits. Barsi also does commission pieces, which have included old farmhouses, Saskatchewan barns and the red rocks in Utah.

“I have always considered the Moose Mountain art cabins to be a very special place and feel very blessed and honoured to be a part of it,” said Barsi.

She enjoys meeting the talented people who display their work at the colony.

“So many interesting people come through here, which makes it an inspiring and joyful experience,” said Barsi.

Barsi puts her heart into her work and believes that this should be applied in all efforts, whether it be cooking, farming or singing.

“It will always work out if you do,” said Barsi.