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Spring Band Concert showcases hard work

For the grade five and six students in band from Carlyle Elementary School and the Senior Band from G.F.
Spring Band Concert
The Senior Band was joined by students from Redvers and Oxbow to make a fuller sound during the band concert.

                For the grade five and six students in band from Carlyle Elementary School and the Senior Band from G.F.Kells performed in their annual Spring Concert, including a solo performance by Jory Dyck on the Alto Saxaphone as he was asked to compete at the Provincial Music Festival on Saturday, June 6.

                Dyck had been given a recommendation following his performance of Vocalise at the Redvers Music Festival. He performed on Monday, June 1, at the band concert as practice for his performance on the Saturday.

                Speaking of all his students, Director Kevin Dyck stated: “They’ve come a long way throughout the year.”

                The Grade 5 Band took to performing first. They played “Heroes and Glory” by Swearingen and “Let’s Go Band” by Ahronheim.

                This group since their performance last fall have grown a lot as a band and as individual musicians.

                “There’s always such a huge change even just in a few months,” Dyck said. “You’ll notice the pieces get substantially longer too, so they’re not just more technical but they have to work on their stamina as well if they’re going to make it through the whole piece.”

                These improvements were evident as the Grade 5 Beginner Band played.

                Next up was the Grade 6 Junior Band who performed four pieces including “Anasazi” by Edmondson, “The X-Brigade” by Longfield, “Aztalan” by Sweeney, and “Conflict” by Clark.

                “This group just wanted more, more, more, and they just kept tearing it up, so instead of doing two pieces for you tonight we’re doing four,” Dyck explained.

                Not only did they simply play these pieces, but within “Aztalan” they performed using exposed playing, where individual instruments are heard without the big band backing them at that time, and they introduced a new instrument – the rain stick. Additionally because they’re a smaller band without trumpets, the clarinet players performed their part within the music as well as some of the trumpet parts leading to the players performing the “clarinumpet.”

                The Senior Band then took the stage with help from Redvers and Oxbow students who helped to bolster the sound of the band.

                “We have a few imports, as you can see,” Dyck said. “We have students from Redvers and Oxbow who we would like to thank for coming and for filling out our sound a little bit.”

                The Senior Band, made up of grades 7-12, performed five pieces for the crowd amassed at G.F. Kells. They took on three typical band pieces including “Entrance of the Tall Ships” by Swearingen, “Celtic Air and Dance” by Sweeney, and “Renegade Dances” by Shaffer.

                Additionally they took on two songs of popular music including “Born this Way” by Lady Gaga and “Super Hits Mega Mix” by Lavender which is made up of classic rock. Videos of these two performances can be found online at

                The Grade 5 Band had Sydney Bouchard, Brooklyn Delorme, Ryley Himmelspeck, Addyson Morse, Summer Rutten, and Presley Wilcox on the flute; Brandon Fleming and Riley Gilks on the clarinet; Cooper Humphries and Denita Shepherd on the Alto Saxophone; Trystan Barta, Jason Hietanen, Caitlyn Joya, Madison Magotiaux, Riley Park, and Kaysha Turner on the trumpet; Jaydin Dustyhorn on the trombone; Nolan Pelletier and Logan Romaniuk on the euphonium; and LJ Tinio on percussion.

                The Grade 6 Band performing included Kenna Hagel, Jessica Moffat, and Trinity Morrissette on the flute; Victoria Flynn, Taris Rae, and Kendra Schultz on the clarinet; Jonah Dyck, Jamie Hill, and Brock Newell on the Alto Saxophone; Coty Hofos on the baritone saxophone; and Morgan Robertson on percussion.

                The Senior Band included Emily Bouchard, Josie Morrissette, and Kiri Biberdorf on the flute; Alana Aalbers on the clarinet; Spencer Bell on the bass clarinet; Ethan Dyck, Natalie Haddow, and Jory Dyck on the Alto Saxophone; Nathen Schmidt on the baritone saxophone; Sydney Flynn, Logan Young, Kaelie Bouchard, Marshall Delorme, and Kelly Hume on the trumpet; Terran Baker on the euphonium; and Brayden Hill, Jake McLeod, Marissa Owens, and Payton Littlchief on percussion.

                The Senior Band was joined by students from both Redvers and Oxbow including Becky Aulie, Ryan Aulie, Christina Berry, Maizy Delmaire, Chaelynn Kitz, Matthew Ravet, Nathan Rutledge, Jillian Sanborn, and Sherry Stewart.