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Steps, turns, twists and twirls can be found at dance classes in Windthorst

Dance studio from Montmartre runs non-competitive dance classes
Windthorst Dance event
Cutline:  Dance instructor Janelle Mish leads the nine to 11-year-olds taking jazz and hip hop lessons.

WINDTHORST - Centre 48 out of Montmartre brings fun and non-competitive youth dance classes to Windthorst. The classes run from November to February led by dance instructor Janelle Mish from Glenavon, with this being her first year teaching a class solo.

Seventeen-year-old Mish, currently in Grade 12, has been dancing since she was three years old at En Pointe Dance Studio under the instruction of Courtney Melnychuk. Throughout her dance career she challenged herself in many genres including ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, modern, acro, etc.

She has won many awards and has received numerous scholarships to Los Angeles, New York and Regina. Given these traveling opportunities she has participated in workshops located in Los Angeles, Vancouver and Regina to help expand her knowledge on different styles of dance. Over the past four years she has been partaking in Canadian Dance Teachers Association exams and has completed Level 1 up to elementary in both jazz and tap. She has also been a helper at En Pointe Dance Studio for the past three years, assisting with the younger classes.

There are 24 students, mainly from Windthorst, Corning and Kipling, enrolled in the dance classes which are held every Friday. The youngest class, 11 students, made up of three to five-year-olds, are taking ballet. The six-to-eight-year-olds take ballet/jazz with 10 in the class. There are only three nine to 11-years-olds, who take jazz/hip hop dance classes.

“I am so excited to see all the new faces and can’t wait to see all the dancers improve throughout the course of the season,” comments Mish.

Even though Mish has only had two classes with the kids, she says, “They’re ready to learn more.”

“They are already starting to know their dance routines. They all seem eager and excited to learn.”

Because this dance is just recreational and not for a competition, the dances are easy and fun. The routines are made to catch on fairly quick. They are doing good and having fun.

The plan is to put on a show for the parents and guests in early February showcasing everything they’ve learned through dance classes.