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Talented duo earns distinctions from SaskMusic

Finished sixth in provincial competition for top album
Munro and Patrick
Scott Patrick and Heidi Patrick have received provincial recognitions.

The duo of Heidi Munro and Scott Patrick has been nominated for the SaskMusic Country Artist of the Year Award.

Originally from Kennedy, raised on country music and rock 'n' roll, and with a consistent professional career spanning multiple decades as a multi-award-winning solo recording artist, show producer and songwriter, Munro is well known in the music industry and has performed at major festivals across the province and Western Canada.

“Scott and I were able to headline (with one of our bands) at the Bow Valley Jamboree in Oxbow and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves,” says Munro.

“The Happy Nun Café and Sisters’ Bistro are always fantastic to perform at. We’ve performed at Kenosee as well in the past. I love coming home, it’s wonderful to see friends and pick up where you left off.”

“I can’t say enough about the support we get at home. It makes my heart smile.”

Scott Patrick is recognized in the Canadian country music industry for his acclaimed songwriting, guitar work and trademark lead vocals, in the award-winning group Wyatt.

In addition to their duo work and co-writing, Munro and Patrick perform in numerous projects together. This continues to solidify them as the top entertainers and vocalists that they are.

Give Me Your Rain is the title track from Munro and Patrick’s first studio duo album.

At the beginning of the pandemic the duo really just wanted to come up with some way to stay current, write, stay busy and still earning a living.

“We released it in March and managed to write and record in the midst of the pandemic when there were so many restrictions on the number of people at a get together,” explains Munro.

“We really thought hard about how we wanted to present that album.”

“We wanted to record in more of a stripped down format without the big band. We wanted to be able to perform the album as true as possible, with what we were allowed to with restrictions.”

“We are really firm believers that if songs can stand on their own with the bare bones and people love them and really relate to your songs, then they’re good songs. The great historical writers all started with just one instrument as accompaniment with their songs. Those songs have really stood the test of time.”

The pair was very lucky to do two summer tours when a lot of others weren’t able to work.

“I produced the Acoustic Sessions Show during the pandemic, the lineup includes Jack Semple and Chris Henderson and ourselves,” explains Munro. “It wasn’t with a big band, it was just a really stripped down performance and those shows have been absolutely wonderful. We would love to bring that show to Kipling.”

Their album also finished sixth in SaskMusic’s competition for the best Saskatchewan Albums of 2021. The top 10 was determined through a public vote.

“We’ve been fortunate to stay busy,” says Munro, who adds, “We are extremely grateful and very happy to be working.”

“I’m absolutely forever grateful,” says Munro of being nominated for these awards. “I didn’t ever really have a deep burning desire to be a big star. I just really wanted to be able to always love what I do and do what I love.”

“I always wanted to work in the music industry. I knew I would but I never really dreamt that I could stay as busy as I am in my home province of Saskatchewan. I still really, really love what I do.”

“Since Scott and I have started working and writing together, it’s a partnership that works. It’s a great chemistry. He’s an unbelievable guitar player and great vocalist and a fantastic songwriter.”

“We both really gravitate towards the same kind of music.”

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