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Tyler Gilbert excited to be up for SaskMusic award

Award winner will be announced later this month
Tyler Gilbert album
Tyler Gilbert of Windthorst is up for a SaskMusic award.

WINDTHORST - SaskMusic recently announced the nominees for the 2021 SaskMusic Awards.

Among this year’s finalists is Windthorst’s Tyler Gilbert, who has been nominated for the SaskMusic Metal/Loud Artist of the Year Award.

“It’s pretty exciting,” says Gilbert. “It’s cool to be nominated.”

“I’ve been nominated for quite a few awards down in the States but this is the first time I’ve been nominated for the SaskMusic Awards.”

Gilbert explains that he is currently nominated for the Bangor Music Awards based out of Michigan for Best Song by a Solo Artist for the song Off My Feet.

He and his girlfriend Ingrid recently made the move to Windthorst to escape the hectic city life.  Growing up he spent a lot of time in Windthorst visiting relatives so that just seemed to make sense to look for a place he knew well as a child.

Gilbert has always been a musician who writes a lot of music.

“I have always found song-writing to come naturally. The whole idea of starting from a blank canvas and sculpting the whole thing is so fascinating to me.”

“Songwriting has always been one of my favourite aspects of the music industry.”

Over the past four months, things have been falling into place for Gilbert.

“I’ve been keeping busy with the new release Kill The Magic.”

There’s been some new developments in his music career with contracts and publishing and one with a record label.

Gilbert has toured all across the States and Canada throughout his music career.

In March 2022, Gilbert is slated to be touring with a full band in Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, Indiana and North Carolina. It’s been a while since he has toured due to COVID, so he is busy practising to be ready to play with the band once again.

Winners will be announced at the awards event on January 20, 2022.

He was also on the long list for the SaskMusic annual Top 10 Saskatchewan Albums of the Year Award. The top 10, which was announced last month, was determined by a public vote.