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Weyburn Rotary Music Festival awards scholarships

The 2021 Weyburn Rotary Music Festival was held in March, partly in person and partly with submitted video entries, with adjudication provided to all performers.

The 2021 Weyburn Rotary Music Festival was held in March, partly in person and partly with submitted video entries, with adjudication provided to all performers.

(Photos of performers include Bridget Alexander, practising with her mom Cherith; Ross Van de Weyer, and Lindsay Van de Weyer, who all were winners of scholarship awards this year.)

The Stars of the Festival was held virtually on Wednesday evening, and the scholarship recipients were announced by emcees Colleen Weimer and Bob King, and the performances were dedicated to the memory of the late June Barber, a a former musician and piano teacher, and the late Isabelle Butters, who was a patron of the arts and a former mayor of Weyburn.

Music Festival president Heather Sidloski said in her introduction to the Stars performance, “Although public performances have been limited this year, students have continued their music journey by taking virtual music lessons, practicing at home, and recording performances to share with others.”

The scholarships and trophies for vocal performances were awarded as follows.

The Barber Motors scholarship for $300 went to Ross Van de Weyer, who also won the Weyburn Security scholarship for $300.

The Jerry Mainil Ltd. open scholarship of $400 was awarded to Tori Mahnke, and she also was awarded the Shirley Bartlett Memorial Award, which went to performers 15 years and over and who displayed excellent musicianship. This award includes a $200 prize, a keeper trophy and her name on the annual trophy.

Singer Lindsay Van de Weyer won the Weyburn Credit Union individual open scholarship for $125; the Stewart Steel open scholarship for $300; and the Alexandria Rebekah Lodge bursary for $100.

The Rotary Club Library award went to Keira Mahnke, and an Alexandria Rebekah Lodge award of $125 went to Chloe Holman.

The Quota Club of Weyburn awards for individual speech, of $50 each, went to Mason Sidloski and Heidi Fradette.

The Holy Family Roman Catholic Separate School Division award for a vocal ensemble, for $125, went to Sheri’s Music Studio Singers.

The Knights of Columbus awarded $25 each to Lila Anderson and Maynuelle Ofalla.

The Orpheus Club award for folk song awarded a trophy to Chloe Holman.

The Weyburn Music Festival trophy for individual verse went to Amy Fradette and Andrea Fradette.

The Weyburn Music Festival  trophy for vocal by a performer 12 years and under went to Isabelle Cugnet and Avryelle Molnar.

The Weyburn Security Multi-disciplinary award for $150, based on a calculation of marks, went to Bridget Alexander.

The following are the piano scholarship and trophy winners for 2021.

The Alex Findlay Memorial award of $600 went to Ross Van de Weyer, who was also the winner of the Weyburn Arts Council award of $150.

The Weyburn Security award for $300 went to Lindsay Van de Weyer.

The Arleigh Pulfer Memorial award of $100 and a keeper trophy went to Skylar White.

The Andrew Agencies scholarships, one for $100 for the Canadian class and one for $100 in the open category, went to Lily Penner and Bridget Alexander.

The Order of the Eastern Star scholarship for a duet, two prizes of $50 each, went to Judah and Benjamin Sawatzky.

The Weyburn Credit Union scholarships were presented to two performers, of $75 to Felicia Deal, and $50 to Maynuelle Ofalla.

The Weimer’s Hometown scholarship for $50 went to Mason Sidloski.

The MC Music Craft award for a duet, of $50 each, went to Lily and Heidi Penner.

The MC Music Craft award for a Canadian piece, to a performer 12 years and under, went to Heidi Penner and Benjamin Sawatzky.

TRG Bookkeeping keeper trophies went to four performers, Alexandra Jose, Heidi Penner, Lydia Sawatzky and Benjamin Sawatzky.

The Western Financial Group – Weyburn award of keeper trophies went to two recipients, Sydnee Thiessen and Judah Sawatzky.

The Weyburn Music Festival keeper trophy for a performer 10 years and under went to Xander Della Cruz.

The following band scholarships and trophies were awarded.

The Weyburn Young Fellows Club scholarship for $300 went to Bridget Alexander, who also won the Knights of Columbus scholarship of $225 and a keeper trophy.

The Southeast Cornerstone School Division scholarship of $100 for a small group ensemble went to Haig Grades 5 and 6.

The Royal Canadian Legion prize of $75 and an annual shield, for a band ensemble, went to the Haig Grade 4 and 4/5 group.

The Weyburn Community Involvement award of $100 went to Haig Grade 6.

The Weimer’s Hometown scholarship of $75 went to Mason Sidloski.