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Weyburn Young Fellows Club supports May Clay program

May Clay program receives $1,000 from Young Fellows

WEYBURN – Representatives of the Young Fellows Club gathered on Monday afternoon to present a donation of $1,000 to Regan Lanning, art curator and instructor, in support of the May Clay program.

From left are Young Fellows members Taylor Gonczy, Andy Barber, president-elect Chad Bailey, current president Chad Ror, and Ryan Bader.

In front of the group are finished pinch-pot clay monsters by students from a variety of local and area schools, with another large group of schools to visit this week to make over 300 more of the clay monsters.

By the end of the program, Lanning estimates more than 600 students will have visited and created the clay monsters.

She notes she provides very little by way of rules, explaining the steps for making each part of the monster, and the only rule is what colour to make the feet, as they are colour-coded by school.

Plus, each student puts their initial on the feet, so they can be given to the right student at the program’s end.

For the duration of the program, they are being displayed on a table in the Weyburn Art Gallery, and Lanning has challenged the students to bring their parents by to see the finished glazed versions of their clay monsters.