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Young people are enjoying summer reading program

Young people have been enjoying the programming offered at the Estevan Public Library so far this summer.
Saskatchewan magician Danny Kazam
Saskatchewan magician Danny Kazam performed for young people at the Estevan Public Library on July 20.

ESTEVAN - Young people have been enjoying the programming offered at the Estevan Public Library so far this summer.

Yuliya Shtymburska, who is the summer reading co-ordinator at the library, said they have about 40-50 kids each week. They have a morning session for juniors ages five to eight years old on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and another on those afternoons for senior youths who are nine to 12 years old.

Then there is one session for both age groups on Wednesdays, which Shtymburska is usually the busiest with 15 kids. She’ll get 15 kids total each of Tuesdays and Thursdays.

This year’s theme is Mythical Magical Summer.

“It’s all about little mythical creatures and fairy tales,” said Shtymburska.

While kids can decide which session they will attend, they get to attend once a week. And they don’t have to attend every week.

One week the children made slime, and Shtymburska said that proved to be particularly popular.

“Usually I do the same craft … every session,” said Shtymburska.

Junior youths will enjoy play time, reading time and a craft during the reading program sessions. For the seniors, they read for 15-20 minutes, and then they play a game, have a writing session to ensure they keep their skills sharp during the summer and participate in a craft.

“The only difference is when I have the older kids, I just have them write,” she said.

The program had one of its highlights this summer when Saskatchewan magician Danny Kazam performed on July 20. Approximately 150 kids watched him at the Estevan Leisure Centre’s multi-purpose room.

“I just loved seeing the kids’ reaction,” said Shtymburska, who was seeing him perform for the first time. 

Kazam’s visit certainly was a fit with this year’s theme, she said.

Future highlights include a science experiment called Elephant Tuesdays, which involves baking soda and vinegar; they’ll be making dinosaur terrariums; and they will be learning the basics of computer language with the seniors.

The children have been enjoying the summer reading program activities, she said, and parents are loving it, too, because they can bring their kids and drop them off in a fun setting for two hours.

“The kids are also loving it because they get a lot of prizes and snacks, of course,” said Shtymburska.