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Assiniboia council considers land purchase, Bike Safety Course

Suggestion from Assiniboia council was approach CP Rail to purchase the land across from the Bar B that is dirt.
assiniboia town office
The Assiniboia Town Council gathered for a meeting on April 25.

ASSINIBOIA - The Assiniboia Town Council gathered  for a meeting on April 25. Present at the table were: Mayor Sharon Schauenberg; Councillors: Robert Ellert, Kent Fettes, Patrick Grondin, Graham Harvey, Peter Kordus, Renee Clermont; CAO Clint Mauthe; and Kerri Martin.

Public acknowledgement were presented to Tom Stanley and the Assiniboia Times.

The agenda accepted and adopted as presented.  Moved by Ellert/Fettes.

Minutes of council meeting of April 11 accepted and approved as presented. Moved by Harvey/Kordus.

The RCMP report was tabled for the May 9, 2023 council meeting.

Correspondence received from: SUMA Letter 2023 per capita rates: increase of per capita rates for policing going up 5.92 per cent for municipalities with a RCMP Detachment.  Accepted and moved by Fettes/ Clermont.

CAO report given by Clint Mauthe. Town staff still very busy now filling holes.  The tender for Centre Street has gone out. Three signs provided by SGI for Traffic Speed Signs have were installed. 

The ice is now out in the new rink at the Southland Co-op Centre and the power is disconnected in the old rink.

Work will begin on the railroad crossings at Highway 2 and the other end of town to repair the crossing.  Suggestion from council was approach CP Rail to purchase the land across from the Bar B that is dirt. 

RM 72 have requested right of first refusal if and when the airport property ever goes for sale.

List of paid accounts were accepted as prepared.The statement of financial activity was accepted as prepared. Moved by Fettes/Grondin.

Request for decision received from the Library board appointment  – will remain the same. Moved by Ellert/Fettes.

The spring and fall free tipping was approved for spring tipping Saturday, May 13 to Saturday, May 20. No curb side compost pickup this year. Moved by Grondin/Clermont.

Records of retention, council authorized the disposal of records as stated in accordance with the Records of Retention Bylaw 16/01. Moved by Fettes/Clermont.

Investment maturing, council approved to move the funds maturing on May 3 to general funds and take future plans of investment to the Finance Committee.  Moved by Harvey/Grondin.

Presentations given by Councillors as to meetings and functions attended since last meeting.

Volunteer Appreciation Brunch was very well attended with 130 people.  

Councillor Clermont suggested a Bike Safety Course be organized for all the young riders in town.

The next schedule meeting for town council will be held on Tuesday, May 9 at 6:30 P.M.