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Assiniboia’s Downtown Revitalization Project’s latest updates

A safety grant was just one of the components that will contribute to revitalization of Assiniboia’s downtown and Central Business District.

ASSINIBOIA - There is a two year plan for downtown revitalization in Assiniboia. Steph VanDeSype, Recreation and Community Wellness Manager, said that improvements to the downtown core will occur over the next two years in multiple stages.

A recently received safety grant was just one of the components that will contribute to revitalization of Assiniboia’s downtown and Central Business District.

VanDeSype also said that the town is excited for the much-needed attention to the community’s infrastructure and the positive change it will bring to Assiniboia’s town centre commercial district.

A lunch-and-learn information session was hosted by Assiniboia Chamber of Commerce on March 19 to bring businesses and interested residents up to date on the Main Street Revitalization Project’s plans.

The Town of Assiniboia’s website states, “The purpose of the Main Street Revitalization Grant is to promote the rehabilitation, restoration and improvement to the Central Business District.” The website also states that a matching grant is available and outlines the details of the grant.

The luncheon informational session handed out a nine-page document and pamphlet also outlining the grant and revitalization plans and details.

The Main Street Revitalization Project aims at focusing on the front of buildings within the Central Business District and Highway 13 corridor. Other improvements to the exterior, and potentially interior are subject to conditions that are outlined in the grant details.

The March 19 session said those eligible for the grant include: Owners or tenants of businesses in the Central Business District or Highway 13 corridor, with tenants providing owner’s consent if applying. Applicants for the grant must be a member of the Assiniboia Chamber of Commerce and property tax must be taxable and assessed as property class Comm-Other.

The town deems their involvement essential to provide incentives demonstrating their commitment and readiness to invest in development of Assiniboia.

The project’s message is, “An economically, culturally vibrant downtown contributes to the prosperity and quality of life of the entire community.”

Downtown districts are often the heart of a community. Downtown revitalization is a topic in many Saskatchewan communities, such as in a story on outlining Estevan’s extensive downtown changes coming, or reading what the town of Biggar has undertaken in their small town.

It is a known fact that many Saskatchewan rural communities are battling outmigration and aging business communities, but proactive measures such as these being undertaken by Assiniboia offers yet another attractability factor to the community for residents and visitors alike.

Downtown revitalization protects property values and the work undertaken stimulates the local economy as materials and labor for new construction often come from local businesses supporting other local businesses.

As Assiniboia serves as centre for smaller surrounding communities, this project can continue to grow and develop the town’s efforts to attract other major business and service opportunities.