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Frehlicks step forward with support for the Summer Games

The Frehlick family has been recognized for their support of the 2016 Saskatchewan Summer Games in Estevan.
From left, Ray and Doris Frehlick, 2016 Estevan Saskatchewan Summer Games committee co-chair Brian Senchuk and Friends of the Games committee co-chair Bernie Bjorndalen participate in the dedication of the Frehlick Family storage buildings.

The Frehlick family has been recognized for their support of the 2016 Saskatchewan Summer Games in Estevan.

For the next 10 years, the family will have their name attached to storage buildings located at the north and south ends of the Chamney Running Track at Panteluk Athletic Field. The Frehlicks contributed more than $20,000 towards the upcoming Games, and family patriarch Ray Frehlick has been a strong advocate for Estevan hosting the Games.

He was also involved when Estevan hosted the 1980 Saskatchewan Summer Games.

“Ray spoke passionately about the strength of our community and the impact that the 2016 Games would have on our region during the site evaluation tour in 2013,” said Bernie Bjorndalen, the co-chair of the Friends of the Games committee. “After we awarded the Games, his support did not stop there.”

Frehlick has provided contacts to the committee, and helped them secure some key donations. He also contributed the materials and resources for the two sheds at the track and field facility, which will be used to store athletic equipment.

“First of all, they were needed,” said Frehlick. “Secondly, they’re an asset that’s going to benefit the school and the area for years to come.”

He stressed that if there isn’t a place to store equipment, then even the nicest track and field facility won’t be of much use to the community. 

A lot has changed in Estevan since the Games were last in the city, he said. The community has grown, but the dedication to volunteering and the generosity of the people has not changed.

If he’s not harvesting, then Frehlick would look forward to volunteering with the upcoming Games, as he believes he could help out in a variety of ways.

“The 2016 Games will leave a long legacy in our community, just as the 1980 Games did, and it is great to be part of that legacy,” said Frehlick.

The 2016 Saskatchewan Summer Games will occur from July 24 to 30.