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Great Canadian Oil Change offers quick efficiency and much more

It’s more than just a simple car or truck oil change or lubrication, it’s about customer comfort, an efficient, speedy service, a historical check on previous service stops and even a few treats. “It’s about the customer.
Great Canadian Oil Change
David Dzeryk owns the Great Canadian Oil Change's Estevan location with his wife, Melanie.

It’s more than just a simple car or truck oil change or lubrication, it’s about customer comfort, an efficient, speedy service, a historical check on previous service stops and even a few treats.

“It’s about the customer. We are customer-oriented from the moment the customer pulls up to the shop we want them to feel comfortable with the process of a quick oil change job,” said Melanie Dzeryk, co-owner of the Great Canadian Oil Change (GCOC) with her husband David.

Customers are greeted with a windshield clean, an option of coffee, ice cream, a treat for  children or even the dog in the vehicle and maybe the daily or weekly newspaper to read while you get the oil changed.

“Then we can pull up the service history on this particular vehicle that it has had at any Great Canadian Oil Change location. They (employees) can then recommend only services required based on the original equipment manufactuer (OEM) maintenance specifications. We won’t sell a service you don’t need and customers rest assured the products and service are all warranty approved by all vehicle dealerships, so you never have to worry about voiding your warranty with our services,” she said.

The GCOC outlet in Estevan is conveniently located and quite visible at 100 Souris Avenue.  The couple said they have seven full-time employees.

David Dzeryk said one of the factors behind going into this type of business was the ongoing need for the service and the fact that it is set up to provide quick oil changes in most instances, which helps promote the product within a busy business environment. “Yes,” he noted, “you can change the oil in your car or truck at home, but when time is of the essence, and you can pull up to the Great Canadian Oil Change and have them do it with qualified and experienced technicians in 10 minutes, why wouldn’t you have them do it?”

David has an electronic technician degree while Melanie claims a bachelor of science degree in computer science. As an electronic technician for Sanjel, David gained more valuable mechanical experience and knowledge while working in a team atmosphere. That has helped him create a successful and positive work environment.

Melanie’s experience as a software engineer and project leader in the past, were gained through her employment with a software company JDA Software, prior to the investment in Estevan. She helped retailers design point-of-sale and replenishment software while gaining more experience in the retail world. She has since assisted with the software setup with their business and has developed new modules for the franchise.

When they aren’t busily engaged in the business, the couple spend time with their two children, Lucas and Brooke with Dave serving as a water polo team coach with Lucas’ team while Melanie serves on the school’s community council as well as a couple more community focused boards. They also enjoy camping, boating, fishing and living in southeast Saskatchewan.

The couple say they appreciate the GCOC experience since it gives customers a one-stop shop, not only for a quick oil/lubrication change but also air, cabin and fuel filters, transfer case, transmission and coolant flushes, headlights and tail lights, windshield wipers, performance enhancement features and multi-point visual inspections.

Besides the Great Canadian Oil Change, the Dzeryks own their own rental business that has been part of the community for over 12 years and the GCOC, for almost seven years.

The couple said they knew early on they wanted to pursue the opportunity to own their own businesses so they jumped at the chance to get aboard with this venture.

“We knew we wanted to make Estevan our home, so it was a no-brainer to open up the shop here,” said Melanie. It also provided them with the means to give back to the community, which they have done with many corporate sponsorships and donations, as well as the satisfaction of knowing they are helping their employees reach some of their goals as well.

As a side note, the couple cited 24 local and regional sports, schools and community projects, programs or events they have made contributions to over the past year, verifying their commitment to the well-being of the city and district. Dave and Melanie Dzeryk have done this while providing some exciting entrepreneurial adventures for themselves and their business which is an obvious source of pride for this team that has a wonderful sense of direction and optimism.


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