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Great food and good times can be found at the Tower Café

It’s not hard to understand why the Tower Café has been a fixture among restaurants in Estevan for nearly 50 years.
Tower Cafe
The Tower Café remains one of the most popular restaurants in the Estevan area.

It’s not hard to understand why the Tower Café has been a fixture among restaurants in Estevan for nearly 50 years.

There are the obvious traits associated with a successful restaurant: great food, excellent service and an overall positive customer experience. Those ideas are reflected in the philosophy for the restaurant. But family is also a critical component of the iconic Estevan restaurant, as it has been owned by the Sereggela family for most of its history.

The restaurant was founded by John Papandreous, and was taken over by George Sereggela Sr. in 1971. It is now run by his sons, Pete and Nick.

“The Tower has been located in the same location and has grown to be a landmark for travellers,” states a write-up for the restaurant. 

Guests can expect a warm and comfortable atmosphere, regardless of whether they’re having a formal get-together or a causal night out.

The kitchen’s motto is “Cook great food and give plenty.” It serves a variety of dishes, from the famous Greek stuffed chicken breast, to the freshly made pork cutlet dinner, to Mama Helen Sereggela’s traditional Bolognese sauce smothered atop a dish of spaghetti or lasagna.

And, of course, there is the pizza, which has been voted as the best in Estevan. 

“We use only the freshest ingredients: firm tomatoes, fresh peppers and vegetables, crispy in-house made pizza crusts, fresh mozzarella and only the best Canadian beef.”

There are the other staples, too. Burgers are always a popular item, particularly on Saturdays when hamburgers are on for half price. A wide variety of appetizers are also on the menu. And they have an excellent selection of entrees and pasta dishes.

Breakfast is available all day at the Tower. There are menu options for children and seniors, and there are low-calorie choices available, too.

On a nice, sunny day, customers can enjoy their meal on the Tower’s patio.

The Sereggelas operate two other restaurants attached to the Tower. The first is Willy’s The Tap House – a pub that opened in 2002 and features a wide variety beer on tap, and other beverages. The Tap House is home to a fun atmosphere where guests can gather after work or a game, and enjoy watching televised sporting events.

The other restaurant is the 1124 Social House, a lounge that opened in 2014 and offers a relaxed setting, while providing a wide selection of food and beverage menu items. While it is for adults, it is opened to people of all ages for Sunday buffets.

The Sereggela family is also a strong supporter of the community, sponsoring events and organizations that enhance the lives of people in the Estevan area. The Tower and Tap House names have been attached to various sports teams for many years. 

“Presently, we are in the second generation of ownership, and every day we carry on the tradition of George Sr. by using the same great recipes. But most of all, we want to give you the same treatment today that John and George Sr. started out with: ‘Great food, great atmosphere amongst family and friends.’”

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