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Katie’s K9 Training to the rescue

Katie Mryglod is the owner of Carlyle-based Katie's Dog Training.
Dog running Getty
A dog running.

CARLYLE - A husband with a thriving business, four young children and acreage life has not stopped Katie Mryglod from continuing to train dogs whenever she can.

“I want people to know they can still contact me and I will get back to them as soon as I can,” Mryglod explained.

Mryglod has been very successful at working one on one with clients who just can’t seem to get a handle on some unwanted behaviours in their dogs or who truly just want to solidify some continued training.

“Now that school is back in for the fall, I will be devoting small windows of time to help those that I can. I love it,” she explained. “It is sometimes just the little rewarding break I need in a busy day.”

With a busy, growing household and animals on the acreage, Mryglod is the perfect volunteer for Bright Eyes Dog Rescue as well. Helping people and their dogs out of tough situations is a rewarding experience for her and building trusted relationships with people means a lot to her in this area. Fostering is a wonderful way to bring a dog into your home for a short time and the benefits to children and other animals are many.

Go to Katie’s K9 Training on Facebook to follow or get a hold of Mryglod for one on one training needs. Follow Bright Eyes Dog Rescue to see how you can help.