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RE/MAX Blue Chip Realty: Helping people find their dream homes

The mission for the folks at RE/MAX Blue Chip Realty is very simple, and at the same time quite ambitious: To help people find their dream homes.
RE/MAX pic
Realtors Linda Mack and Rhonda Blanchette, from RE/MAX Blue Chip Realty.

The mission for the folks at RE/MAX Blue Chip Realty is very simple, and at the same time quite ambitious: To help people find their dream homes. The business, located right on a main road, at 902 Fourth Street is part of a globally recognized real estate brand and was the recent winner of the Top Office In Western Canada Award and Top Office In All of Canada Award, for closed small market transactions by RE/MAX.

Agents for RE/MAX Blue Chip Realty are encouraged to specialize in an area of real estate where they shine the most, whether that’s in residential, agricultural or commercial. Employees for the company work in a collaborative style that encourages teamwork among all members, and everyone with whom they do business.

“When realtors are doing one specific kind of real estate, they’re really concentrating or specializing, and our brokerage feels that it creates better service to clients,” said Realtor Linda Mack.

Mack said that at the end of the day, a sense of teamwork among realtors, buyers and sellers promotes a win-win formula that works for everyone involved, and that is an integral part of the company’s success.

Realtor Rhonda Blanchette said RE/MAX Blue Chip Realty’s approach to business is “more relationship-based than transactionally-based,” focusing on building good relationships with sellers and buyers, gaining referrals and credibility in the community, steadily and over time.

“You want your negotiations with other realtors to be a win-win for your client. You have a buyer and a seller and you don’t want it to be winning versus losing,” said Mack. “You work with other agents at all times. It’s very important to be respectful of one another. We have to know how to negotiate.”

Blanchette and Mack consider giving back to the community in which they work to be of paramount importance. Their community involvement entails them working with assortment of organizations,  such as local sports teams and the 4-H Club. Both regularly volunteer for numerous events and with various local clubs throughout the year.

Both Mack and Blanchette said that real estate entails ongoing education, taking courses and doing seminars to continually be improving.

“Our brokerage gives us in-house training. They stay in close contact with us, support us and give incentives to push us to be learning all the time,” said Mack. In the coming years, Mack said and Blanchette intend to continue contributing to the growth of RE/MAX Blue Chip Realty by growing their own skills through experience. Mack noted that although 2016 home sales have slightly dropped, with a slow economy, she sees growth on the horizon, and plans to increase sales and purchases in coming years.

Even in light of the suboptimal economic conditions, business for RE/MAX Blue Chip Realty remains healthy in Estevan, for the purchase and sale of homes. The steady employment of people by local coal and power industries, and incomes being less affected by the economic downturn means that there’s still buying and selling going on. Additionally, the low prices and interest rates of homes are enticing some buyers.

Challenges the realtors face include the necessity of heavy self-promotion. “You have to spend a lot of time on self-promotion,” Mack noted, adding that there are also a lot of potential fees and penalties realtors in any market need to be aware of.

Although the stakes can sometimes be high, and being a Realtor requires hard work, Mack said that the rewards of working in the real estate industry outweigh any negatives.

She added, “Helping people realize their dreams is very rewarding, and is what motivates me in this profession.”