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Scratch Baking, Catering and Eatery now open in Lampman

Just off of Main Street, at 102 Railway Avenue in Lampman, a blue building sits tucked beside an alleyway and behind an old business.
Lampman business
Ashton Adderly, second from left, picture with her mother, Laurel Fornwald, an aunt and an employee, is excited to open Scratch Baking in Lampman.

Just off of Main Street, at 102 Railway Avenue in Lampman, a blue building sits tucked beside an alleyway and behind an old business.

Scratch Baking, Catering and Eatery is a new business opening in Lampman, and Ashton Adderly, a southern Saskatchewan local, is the owner and entrepreneur.

Starting her career by going to Farmer’s Markets in Lampman and then Estevan, Ashton is an entrepreneur, mother and baker. She opened Scratch with her family’s support, and it has recently finished its opening week.

The grand opening was a week of special meals and treats to celebrate the bakery’s opening.

It was an entire week of different specials every day from July 20-24. From a Taco Tuesday to Winner Winner Chicken Dinner on Saturday, Scratch Bakery had something new to offer.

“We’ve done donuts, we’ve done lunches, and we’re doing a supper. We’ve got soup and sandwiches and pies,” Adderly lists. “This whole week has been crazy.”

Their regular array of goods is impressive as well.

“We do all sorts of treats, baking wise, like cakes and cinnamon buns and pies and slices and cookies,” she says. “We have an ice cream machine that’s not quite yet running, but hopefully soon. And then we’ll be doing lunches and suppers.”

They also offer catering for weddings and other events, and they sell local, farm-raised beef from their family farm.

Scratch Baking, Eatery and Catering opened soon after the public health measures were lifted, and managed to avoid the full force of the pandemic and its ensuing restrictions.

“We opened after all the restrictions were lifted, so that was good,” she says. “It just happened to work out. It (the pandemic) didn’t really affect us at all, because we didn’t open until after.

“And I’m really hoping they don’t go backwards on that,” she said with a laugh. “We were lucky that it didn’t really affect us.”

Adderly decided to start her business after being laid off from her previous job.

“A couple years ago, I was working in the oilfield, and got laid off because it got slow, and just decided that this was gonna be the next best thing for me,” she recalls.

It was also an opportunity for Ashton to reconnect to old pastimes and family hobbies.

“I just always used to bake with my grandma, and we’re using a lot of her recipes.”

Adderly used to practise her craft by going to the Farmer’s Market, in both Lampman and Estevan.

“Just so many people wanted stuff.”

Laurel Fornwald, Ashton’s mother, says she, along with her sister, Ashton’s aunt, works with Adderly and a few high school graduates at Scratch.

“I’ve got my mom and my aunt is also here, helping bake,” Adderly explains. “I’ve hired a couple graduated kids, I’ve got two of them. Then it’s my mom and my aunt and then myself.”

More information can be found on their Facebook page.

Ashton plans to continue her business for as long as she can, and is excited for what the future holds, pandemic or not.

“I think we’ll just stick with this for now. It’s going good.”