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Walk-In tubs can help seniors

Walk-In Tubs has helped many seniors.
Saundra Corkish from Wawota is incredibly happy with her Fairmount model walk-in tub.

REGINA - When people get older, they often struggle getting in and out of the tub and Brian Kreutzer feels the walk-in tub is the way to go.

Kreutzer is the manager of Walk-In Tubs in Regina, and was formerly the owner.

Walk-In Tubs was designed and created in Ituna in 1992 and has remained a Canadian company.

Kreutzer, who once sold therapeutic beds, was intrigued with the tub as it is a helpful tool for seniors, and he believes in offering healthy alternatives to keep seniors in their own homes longer.

According to Kreutzer, these tubs keep seniors at home for five years more.

He said it is not so much getting into the tub that is the struggle, it is getting out, once a person is sitting in the tub it is difficult for them to stand.

These tubs are slightly shorter than a regular tub, but they compensate by putting drywall in the space. The tubs also hook up to the existing plumbing. The front of the tub has a door that swings either in or out.

There are several designs and have a 17-inch seat, which is the same height as a kitchen chair. The seating has a non-slip base along with the bottom of the tub. The tub also has a special coating.

Jetted tubs are heated from the seat and the back, along with a cryotherapy light. There is also a well to hold essential oils.

Walk-In tubs allow people to get in and out of the tub with great ease. Simply open the door and there will be no high steps any longer, said Kreutzer.

The company travels throughout Saskatchewan and the units carry a lifetime guarantee, as long as the original owner has the home.

Kreutzer feels these tubs help better a senior’s life. It is relaxing and stress free, and overall helps with health. They no longer need to worry about falling out of the tub with a walk-in tub.

Kreutzer loves his job as he is helping people feel better in their home, and this is what he loves.

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