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A weekend of racking up arrests for EPS

It was a weekend of statistics for members of the Estevan Police Service.

It was a weekend of statistics for members of the Estevan Police Service. The local policing teams reported that on the July 9 night shift they issued 19 tickets for various offences, charged three people for being in breach of their release or sentence conditions, while charging one 25-year-old man for driving while impaired and driving while his blood-alcohol level was over .08 per cent. EPS members also invoked one 24-hour licence suspension and lodged one person in cells overnight for being intoxicated in public. The next night, police ended up handing out six charges under the Traffic Safety Act while issuing two 90-day driver licence suspensions and one 24-hour licence suspension. Two more people were charged for impaired driving and driving while over .08 and there was another charge under the Alcohol and Gaming Regulations Act. One vehicle was seized, one person arrested on an outstanding warrant and one person charged for being in breach of probation and release conditions, all that same night. On the night of July 10, one 26-year-old Alberta man was charged for theft of goods valued at under $5,000. He was lodged in cells pending a court appearance. Earlier in the week, police reported that on July 8 they charged a 29-year-old Estevan man for impaired driving and another charge of failing to provide a breath sample. He was also charged for stunting under the Traffic Safety Act. The man had been picked up after it was noted he was driving a motor vehicle in an erratic manner in the Willow Park Green area. The man has an August court date. On that same night, five Estevan youths were charged with theft from motor vehicles after police located them in the city centre after they had apparently entered several unlocked motor vehicles in the Westview area of the city. Motorists are reminded to lock their vehicles in the evening after removing all valuable articles. On the night of July 8, police charged two youths with fighting in public after they received a report of a fracas in the Sun Valley area of the city. The home owners in the area where the incident occurred were out of the city at the time of the event, but contacted EPS, asking them to shut down the party, which the police did. They then dispersed the party goers while corralling the two young fighters who now have an August court date. Another complaint of a fight, this time at a local lounge, led to the arrest and detention of a Langley, B.C. resident. He was transported to hospital for treatment of minor injuries and then lodged in police cells for the remainder of the night. A 29-year-old Radville man was taken into custody and is now facing several charges as a result of police action on the night of July 8. The man is facing an impaired driving and driving while over .08 charge, plus numerous charges under the Traffic Safety Act. Police said they initiated the traffic stop on the outskirts of the city and their subsequent investigation led to the charges. The driver will be in court in August. A 25-year-old Weyburn woman is facing charges of assaulting a police officer as a result of the same traffic stop that led to the charges against the above mentioned Radville area man. She, too, has an August court date.