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Council notes: Town of Assiniboia Chambers, August 23rd

Council members attending the Better Together Luncheons at the park report that they were very well attended each week with an average of 175 to 200 people.
Town Council for Assiniboia

ASSINIBOIA - The Town of Assiniboia had a council meeting in chambers at Town Hall on August 23.

In attendance- Mayor Sharon Schauenberg; Kerri Martin, executive assistant; Clint Mauthe, chief admin officer; and Councilors Paul Tendler, Peter Kordus, Graham Harvey, Patrick Grondin, Kent Fettes and Robert Ellert.

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. The agenda and minutes of last meeting was adopted. Motioned by Fettes and Ellard

Public Acknowledgement was given to Assinboia Times for press coverage of the meeting and to Sean Hylton from Assiniboia RCMP who came to meet and greet the current council.

Delegations included a  RCMP report for June/July accepted. Motioned by Fettes, Tendler.

Council members attending the Better Together Luncheons at the park report that they were very well attended each week with an average of 175 to 200 people. All the park functions this summer have been well received and well attended.

Correspondence: The Water Security Agency Waterworks Compliance Inspection and Lagoon Compliance Inspection have been done. Discussion of the water advisory took place. Kordus advised it was due to algae on the water source.

The Lagoon has passed all requirements.

Ministry of Government relations: Gas tax fund has changed name.

Reports were given by councillors: CAO report: Crack sealing will continue in September on streets. Sidewalk repairs and or replacement is ongoing, and making good progress.  These repairs will continue in September as well.

Fencing projects will be completed in September at the Cemetery, Assiniboia Museum, and Water Treatment Plant.  Some of these projects will be part of the insurance claim.

A new facility manager has been hired.

Marketing report: New Christmas Lights have arrived and will be tested before the season.

A new mural will be painted on the Cooperators building, on Sept 7. It will be painted by artist Stephanie Bellefleur

Construction is now in phase two of the new arena. All reports were accepted and motioned by Fettes and Grondin

Council Presentations –

Kordus: Attended the Assiniboia Museum Anniversary celebration.  Reported it was very well done and well attended.

Harvey: Attended the draw for Trip of the month sponsored by Prince Of Wales Centre. Photos of the winners for July and August are on Page 16.

Ellert: Attended the CIA Annual Meeting

Schauenberg: Attended meeting with Regional Park. Also attended a meeting with the health region to discuss the solutions regarding hospital disruptions.

There was no unfinished business reported.

New business included a RFD Meep Grant and the RFD  Community Revitalization Grant Application.

Grant for revitalization of the Fair Grounds requested for $750,000. The Town is expected to receive $500,000 in grant money so will have to put up $250,000. Motion approved by Grondin, Harvey

Next meeting for Town Council will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2021