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Kenosee Superslides opening for another summer of fun

Kenosee Superslides has announced that they will be opening this year — hopefully by the July long weekend.
Kenosee Waterslides
Summer of fun

Kenosee Superslides has announced that they will be opening this year — hopefully by the July long weekend.

The owners feel optimistic about this summer, despite the challenges of last year, and despite present challenges due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

The waterpark is preparing to be inspected and getting organized for this coming season. The plan is to have everything ready before Canada Day. The concession stand will hopefully be up and running before then, for anyone who wishes to stop by and get a bite to eat.   

There have been difficulties in planning this season. As of now, it is looking like the slides will be restricted to 150 guests at a time. Nevertheless, Jan Armstrong explained that the guidelines are pretty much the same as last year.  

“And as the COVID restrictions lift … with the different tiers that they’ve got, hopefully by mid-July we’ll have no restrictions at all … We just have to follow the current COVID rules to see where it goes,” Jan said, as he discussed Saskatchewan’s reopening plan. 

The owners of Kenosee Superslides are hopeful for this year, despite last year’s difficulties due to COVID-19. There was a drop in revenue, due to frequent shutdowns and COVID-19 guest restrictions, but Jan explained that there’s still been so much support from people within the province, especially on social media.

He hopes that this support will continue, especially because he knows how much the Superslides contribute to the tourism and recreation industries in the Kenosee Lake area, attracting about 50,000-70,000 people in a normal year.  

“I hope that people just recognize…how important this park is to the area and show support. We’ve been getting so much support, so I didn’t want to ask that, because the support is there. When we’re dropping videos, they’re getting tens of thousands of views.” 

“I think the people who support this park … appreciate what Harvey (co-owner Harvey Armstrong) and I are trying to do now with the park and are showing support for the love that we have for this park. It’s not about buying a business and making money — that’s not what it’s about … it’s more than us. It’s so much better than two guys running a waterpark. It affects so many more people in the area … And we just want to do the best we can … for the people it affects.”