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Photos: Brickery - A Gallery of Lego Creations attracted lots of guests

Event attraced more than 500 people who wanted to see the creativity of Lego lovers.

ESTEVAN - Estevan members of the Saskatchewan Lego Users Group (SLUG) hosted a successful Lego show.

Brickery: A Gallery of Lego Creations was held at the Estevan Leisure Centre on Saturday and attracted over 500 people, which is even higher than how it was before the pandemic.

Jillian Ursu, who is one of the builders, a member of SLUG and an organizer of Brickery alongside her husband Christopher, said they were happy with the turnout for both builders and guests.

“We've had a great turnout … It's really exciting to see how many people are coming out today,” Ursu said.

They originally hoped to have 12 builders participating but ended up with 14, and some people sent their builds in for the show. The tower building challenge turned out to be a hit with participants, and 16 themed constructions were entered in the competition.

“The exciting part was that almost everybody built for the challenge, which is nice to see. There are 16 towers, so that means that there's at least 16 people who either built for the show or sent something in. That's pretty awesome. Because with our challenge, it depends. If people are inspired by the challenge they'll build. But sometimes if they're not, then they won't. And this one obviously got a lot of attention,” Ursu said.

The main show displays had a lot of various builds, including some vehicles, creatures, fantastic constructions, thematic buildings and communities, historic constructions like Estevan’s courthouse or India’s Taj Mahal, and even a couple of portraits. Ursu said the feedback has been really great.

“Some people who have been here before, they were like, I think this is the best one yet,” Ursu shared. “And lots of people are just trailing in and saying how awesome they think it is. They are finding something that they really like. Builders each have their own niche that they really like and that appeals to somebody out there, which is great.”

Ursu had her Summer Camp build on display at the show. She said that Lego builders usually put together something unique and take it to a few shows throughout the year, including one in Moose Jaw in summer, Estevan in October and White City in December. Then most builders would put their builds apart (unless it was something really valuable for them) and start working on new items for the next year’s shows.

Ursu said that further down the road they might hold some Lego workshops in Estevan for different ages.

SLUG is an open group for adult builders. People can find more details and join the community through their website

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