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Report to the residents regarding physician services in Arcola

The construction of the Arcola Family Health Clinic was funded and is owned by the R.M. of Brock No. 64 and the Town of Arcola. The cost of the construction for this 3600 square foot building was $350,000.

The construction of the Arcola Family Health Clinic was funded and is owned by the R.M. of Brock No. 64 and the Town of Arcola. The cost of the construction for this 3600 square foot building was $350,000. There was a considerable amount of volunteer labour that made this project possible. Thanks to all the volunteers, because of their work and dedication it brought down the cost of construction to less than $100 from standard cost of $250 per square foot in this region. The financing for the furniture and equipment was through independent fundraising, dedicated for that sole purpose and the approximate cost was $75,000. We must also acknowledge that a substantial donation from the Arcola Optimist Club made this task manageable and successful.

For the ongoing operations and management of the Arcola Family Health Clinic, Moose Mountain Health Care Corporation was formed and is comprised of representatives from the R.M. of Brock, R.M. of Browning, R.M. of Moose Mountain, R.M. of Tecumseh, R.M. of Moose Creek, Town of Arcola, Town of Lampman, and the Town of Stoughton. Each municipality put in a portion of funding based on an agreed upon formula that takes in consideration assessment, population and distance from Arcola Health Centre. The corporation has appointed an executive committee that looks after the day to day operations of the clinic. Outpost medical clinics are provided in Lampman one day per week and Stoughton two days per week.

The Moose Mountain Health Care Recruitment Corp continues to operate. At present our main function has been to fundraise to pay for any incentives of incoming health care professionals (doctors, registered nurses, lab tech, LPN) including cash incentives, housing and vehicles. All cash incentives for health professionals are comparable with any other small communities including coverage of rent for the first six months and a vehicle for three months for doctors coming in from out of country. The recruitment committee also recently paid a portion of the expenses, in cooperation with Sun Country Health Region, to convert the old doctor's office in the basement of the hospital to a suite which will be used to house locums or health professionals that may need to stay at the hospital overnight for any reason. The recruitment group has also purchased, supplied or found all the furniture and household items required in the residences used by the doctors. This group has assisted in the past with arranging housing for locums and cleaning and moving households as required. The MMHCRC operates strictly on fundraised dollars that has come from the generosity of the people of our communities that are served by the Arcola Health Centre. Again this year due to the success of this event, they will be hosting an evening of entertainment provided by Applause Feast and Folly on April 30th at Prairie Place Hall.

There are presently three homes for doctors in the Town of Arcola. The first house is owned by the R.M. of Brock, the second owned by the Moose Mountain Health Care Recruitment Corp, the mortgage is held by the R.M. of Moose Mountain, and the third recently purchased home was paid for by the Town of Arcola and the R.M. of Brock although discussions are being held that will have the R.M. of Brock be paid out for their portion of the purchase as they already own one home. The cost of the new home was $140,000.

It is only with the forward thinking of the cooperating municipalities and some very generous donations that the Arcola Health Centre has re-opened and physician services are available in Arcola, Lampman and Stoughton. The cooperation of the doctors from Arcola and Carlyle provide us with stable 24/7 emergency services. It is important that we have enough doctors so they are able to have a life without getting burnt out, go on holidays and attend courses without fear of the hospital closing. One must realize that recruiting health professionals will be an ongoing process as doctors, nurses and other staff will come and go. We must remain vigilant in our recruitment and fundraising efforts. We cannot count on the health region or the government to provide us with health care. Hospitals and physician services are important in attracting new business and new people to our communities. It is important that all of us take an interest in what is happening in our health care

Respectively Submitted by Sheila Sim - Member of the MMHCRC, MMHCC & Councillor of the Town of Arcola