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Scotsguard car collector restoring one car at a time

Stepping into Keith Hagen’s car buildings is like taking a step back into car history.

SCOTSGUARD — Stepping into Keith Hagen’s car buildings is like taking a step back into car history.

The first of about a dozen autos on one side is a 1929 Whippet car, stunning in its restored splendour.

A board with photos stands beside detailing its condition when Hagen bought it through stages of restoration.

When he bought the car for $50 it was saved from the scrap dealer as were many of his other cars.

Between 1927 and 1931 the Whippet was the third most popular car sold in the United States.

Countless hours, patience and awesome skills at rebuilding and restoration have brought the vintage cars back to life.

The other side of the building has seven or eight restored cars and one truck — a model his father once drove.

Three cars were restored as hot rodders with powerful engines including a 1933 red Pontiac coupe.“ I did that for a while, then I went back,” says the soft spoken Hagen.

He restored his first car at age 28 then the restoration went into hiatus for 15 years while he was busy as a chartered accountant. When he returned home to Scotsguard to farm with his brother and father he resumed the hobby.

Some years ago he rented the remaining land and had more time for working on cars.

In his workshop building, a rare 1929 grey Oakland awaits complete restoration.

“I better get at it. If you wait too long the parts rust.

This is the predecessor to the Pontiac in 1931.”

“This is the only Oakland registered in Canada.”

Chevrolet quit making the Oakland after 1929 and used the same car for its first Pontiac in1931

The Oakland sold for $1,245, and was considered a mid-price for a luxury car. The factory produced 50,693 cars in that last year.

Many of the cars in his collection come from the early 1900s, 1920, and 1930s.

Three rows of vintages cars, each row half a block long, sit out by the trees. They are in varying condition from rusted body hulk to good shape.

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