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Southeast College awards scholarships to Weyburn students

Southeast College students received $31,827.36 in scholarships and bursaries.
SE College

Southeast College students received $31,827.36 in scholarships and bursaries. The awards were distributed to students in various Weyburn programs including Continued Care Assistant, Practical Nursing, Hairstylist, Business Certificate, Adult Basic Education, and University.  

This year a formal luncheon was unable to take place, but that did not subtract from the value of the awards.

“We are incredibly proud of our students, and everything they have achieved, and continue to work towards”said Kassandra Lawrenz, Manager, College Advancement. “Student awards are a great opportunity not only to celebrate the work our students put in, but also to recognize and express our most sincere gratitude to the outstanding support we receive from the community and our partners.”

Southeast College scholarships and bursaries are made possible by donations from community organizations, businesses and individuals, as well as various fundraising events such as the College’s Swing for Scholarships Golf Tournaments. Eligible funds are matched by the Ministry of Advanced Education through the Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunity Scholarship (SIOS) program.

Southeast College is proud to be the Trainer of Choice in southeast Saskatchewan offering educational opportunities that encourage students to learn where they live.  A number of post-secondary programs are now accepting applications for 2020-21. Interested students can find program information and apply for the program of their choice online at or call any of the College’s campus locations for more information.

The following are the award recipients for the Weyburn campus.

Al Yeaman Studentship Award: Kennedy Herlick – Continuing Care Assistant

Government of Saskatchewan – Saskatchewan Opportunity Scholarship: Jordyn Speidelsbach – Practical Nursing (year 2), and Lacey Shubert – Practical Nursing (year 2)

Belanger/Herberholz Healthcare Scholarship: Michael Froh – Continuing Care Assistant

Prairie Sky Co-op Association Scholarship: Michael Froh – Continuing Care Assistant; Andie Littlejohn – Continuing Care Assistant; Cameron Stepp – Hairstylist

Prairie Sky Co-op Association Bursary: Gabriel Cherpin – Business Certificate

Weyburn Agricultural Society Scholarship: Andie Littlejohn – Continuing Care Assistant

City of Weyburn Bursary: Destinee Klassen – Adult Basic Education, and Kohl Williams – Adult Basic Education

Quota International of Weyburn Bursary: Alisa Esopenko – University, and Jessica Bonneau – University

Southeast College Post-Secondary Saskatchewan Opportunity Scholarship: Gabriel Cherpin – Business Certificate; Layne Cairns – Continuing Care Assistant; Rhandi Shiestal - Hairstylist

Weyburn Credit Union Ltd. C.H. (Chuck) Hodgson Scholarship: Cameron Stepp – Hairstylist

Weyburn Credit Union Ltd. C.H. (Chuck) Hodgson Scholarship: Clarissa Moore – Continuing Care Assistant, and Sheridan Hemphill – Hairstylist

Weyburn Rotary Club Bursary: Andrianna St. Dennis – Practical Nursing

Weyburn Security Bursary: Rhandi Schiestal – Hairstylist, and Jae Yon Kim – Practical Nursing

Southland Co-operative Ltd. Scholarship: Katherine Ryan – Practical Nursing

Barber Motors Bursary: Rhandi Schiestal – Hairstylist, and Jae Yon Kim – Practical Nursing

Weyburn Young Fellows Bursary: Andrianna St.Dennis – Practical Nursing; Katherine Ryan – Practical Nursing; Keshia Moreno Tuffnell – University; and Hayley Fellner – Hairstylist

Weyburn YF Wives Bursary: Jae Yon Kim – Practical Nursing, and Hayley Fellner - Hairstylist