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Stoughton Agriculture Society results from the summer exhibition

Winners of Hand and Fancy Work: Knit baby sweater 0-12 months- 1st Muriel McKinnonKnit child's sweater 2-yrs.

Winners of Hand and Fancy Work: Knit baby sweater 0-12 months- 1st Muriel McKinnonKnit child's sweater 2-yrs.-1st Muriel McKinnonKnitting any other item-1st Deena FisherQuilt -hand quilted- double or more-1st Deena fFsher 2nd Betty Lou McIntoshQuilt-piece -any size-1st Betty Lou McIntoshQuilt-machine applique-any size-1st Haley McIntosh 2nd Betty Lou McIntoshMachine Quilting-any other item-1st Deena Fisher 2nd Betty Lou McIntoshHand Quilting-any other item-1st Dian FowlowFancy Cushion-1st David CharlesSewing any wearable item-1st Deena Fisher 2nd Muriel McKinnonDecorative sewing-1st Dian Fowlow 2nd Deena FisherCrotchet Doily-cotton-up to 30" diameter-1st Muriel McKinnonCrotchet Doily-cotton-over 30" diameter-1st Carol Balon 2nd Muriel McKinnonVariety Shop-crotchet-cotton- any other item-1st Muriel McKinnon 2nd Josephine McKinnonCrotchet baby/child's sweater or outfit-1st Muriel McKinnonCrotchet baby afghan-1st Deena FisherCrotchet large afghan-1st Shirley BjarnasonCrotchet-yarn-any item-1st Deena Fisher 2nd Josephine McKinnon First Time Exhibitor in this class: Shirley Bjarnason Winners of Arts and Crafts: Bead work jewellery,ornaments etc.-1st Muriel Mckinnon 2nd Josephine McKinnonOil painting-only artwork judged-1st Muriel McKinnonAcrylic painting-only artwork judged;1st Muriel McKinnonChristmas tree ornament-1st Muriel McKinnonAny holiday decoration-1st Deena Fisher 2nd Muriel McKinnonFabric painting-1st Muriel McKinnonAny decorative wall decoration-1st Deena FisherSilk Flower arrangement-1st Deena FisherPainting on plastic,metal,glass or stone-1st Deena FisherAny recycled item-1st Deena FisherMetal work-1st Neven Breault 2nd David Charles Winnersof 70 years and over: Knitted item-slippers, tea cozy etc.-1st Frances Verbeem 2nd Muriel McKinnonKnitted item-scarf,potholder etc.-1st Frances VerbeemCrotchet Doily 12" or more-1st Josephine McKinnonCrotchet dishcloth,potholder's etc.-1st Josephine McKinnon 2nd Muriel McKinnonCrochet cotton dresser scarf 3 piece-1st Josephine McKinnonFabric quilted pot holder, oven mitts-1st Muriel McKinnonBaby apparel crotchet-1st Muriel McKinnonPainting on wood, plastic glass etc.-1st Muriel McKinnonGrace Slimmon-hand quilted baby quilt-1st Muriel McKinnonGreeting card-1st fFances Sangster 2nd Muriel McKinnonAny crotchet item not previously listed-1st Muriel McKinnon 2nd Josephine McKinnon Junior`s ages 5 and under Bead work any item- 1st Cheyenne MitchellAny recycled craft-1st Cheyenne Mitchell 2nd Katie FlathAny painting not from a kit-1st Katie Flath 2nd Cheyenne MitchellFridge ornament-1st Katie FlathUnpolished stones in an egg carton-1st Cheyenne Mitchell 2nd Katie FlathNecklace strung with crereal-1st Cheyenne MitchellWearable art-tie dyed,painted etc.-1st Cheyenne MitchellPicture from any other material not listed-1st Katie FlathOpen Category-Olympics-1st Cheyenne Mitchell Junior's 6-9 years: Bead work any item-1st Kris Bjarnason 2nd Breanna BjarnasonAny recycled craft-1st Kris Bjarnason 2nd Breanna BjarnasonAny painting not from a kit-1st Breanna Bjarnason 2nd Maia WilsonSketching-1st Breanna Bjarnason 2nd Maia WilsonFridge ornament-1st Breanna Bjarnason 2nd Kris BjarnasonHoliday ornament-1st Breanna Bjarnason 2nd Kris BjarnasonWearable art tie dye,painted etc.-1st Kris Bjarnason 2nd Breanna BjarnasonSewing any wearable item-1st Breanna BjarnasonWoodwork made from a kit-1st Kris Bjarnason 2nd Breanna BjarnasonWoodwork not made from a kit-1st Bethany YoungUnpolished stones in an egg carton-identified-1st Kris Bjarnason 2nd Breanna BjarnasonPoster any theme hand made-1st Breanna Bjarnason 2nd Kris BjarnasonPoem or story hand printed-1st Breanna BjarnasonComputer generated art-1st Breanna Bjarnasono 2nd Kris BjarnasonGreeting card hand made-1st Breanna Bjarnason 2nd Kris BjarnasonHobby collection 12 items-1st Kris Bjarnason 2nd Breanna BjarnasonPhotographic collection 4-6 pics on matte-1st Kris Bjarnason 2nd Breanna BjarnasonPicture made from materials not listed-1st Kris Bjarnason 2nd Breanna Bjarnason Junior's 10-14 yrs: Cookie gram-1st Kaylee BjarnasonBead work any item-1st Meagan Breault 2nd Veronica GriffinAny recycle craft-1st Meagan Breault, 2nd Veronica GriffinAny painting not from a kit-1st Ashley Breault 2nd Meagan BreaultSketching-1st Meagan Breault 2nd Lorne MitchellFridge ornament-1st Meagan Breault 2nd Kaylee BjarnasonHoliday ornament-1st Meagan Breauly 2nd Kaylee BjarnasonModel from kits-1st David Charles 2nd Lorne MitchellModel not from a kit-1st Jayden coderre 2nd Lorne MitchellSewing any wearable item-1st david Charles 2nd Kaylee BjarnasonKnitting any item-1st Meagan Breault 2nd Kaylee BjarnasonWood work made from a kit-1st Lorne MitchellWood work not from a kit-1st Lorne Mitchell 2nd Liam HagenPoster any theme hand designed-1st Mikayla Canal 2nd Meagan BreaultPoem or storey typed-1st Meagan Breault 2nd Lorne MitchellComputer generated art-1st Lorne Mitchell 2nd Meagan BreaultGreeting card handmade-1st Veronica Griffin 2nd Kaylee BjarnasonHobby collection 12 items-1st Kaylee BjarnasonPhotopgraphic collection 4-6 pics on matte-1st Ashley BreaultOpen category-Olympics-1st Ashley Breault 2nd Lorne Mitchell FIRST TIME EXHIBITORS: Jayden Coderre, Liam Hagen, Veronica Griffin and Mikayla Canal Photography Landscape no people-1st Frances Sangster 2nd Dian FowlowSeascape-1st Lisa Mitchell 2nd Carol BalonPeople one or more-1st Dian Fowlow 2nd Frances SangsterSpecial event- 1st Carol Balon 2nd Lisa MitchellYoung children or babies-1st Betty Lop McIntosh 2nd Mae EckertAnimal(s) or bird(s) with or without people-1st Betty Lou McIntosh 2nd Frances SangsterFlower(s)- 1st Gwen Veer 2nd Lisa MitchellSnapshot collection 2-6 with people-1st Betty Lou McIntosh 2nd Mae EckertSnapshot collection 2-6 without people-1st Frances Sangster 2nd Carol BalonAgricultural theme-1st Betty Lou McIntoshSpecial effects-1st Dian Fowlow 2nd Lisa MitchellScrapbooking one theme-1st Betty Lou McIntosh 2nd Lisa MitchellStill Life picture-1st Betty Lou McIntosh 2nd Gwen Veer2-4 pictures not from a digital camera-1st Mae Eckert 2nd Gwen VeerTravel 2-6 pics-1st Mae Eckert 2nd Lisa MitchellSask in motion-sporting-1st Annette Breault 2nd Betty Lou McIntoshBest of the year-1st Betty Lop McIntosh