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The Arcola School graduating class of 2022

This class has learned to persevere and adapt in the face of the pandemic.
Arcola Grad Class 2022-2
Class of 2022

ARCOLA - Janine Houston is the learning support teacher at the Arcola school and was the graduation coordinator for 2022. “This class had learned to persevere and adapt in the face of the pandemic. In their grade 10 year they abruptly made the switch to online learning and faced the uncertainty of how the pandemic would impact their grade 11 and 12 years. Our 9 students succeeded, and the Arcola school is extremely proud of this year’s graduating class.”

Kaydence Hughes will be remembered for her dedication to academics.  She will be taking Psychology through the Faculty of Arts at the University of Regina.

Jayden Johnson will be remembered at the school for being a talented leader and athlete.  He will be attending the University of Calgary to study engineering.

 Ashlynn Ahenakew will be remembered for taking a leadership role in helping create the beautiful mural that hangs in the school entrance. She wants to pursue a career as a tattoo artist or an art teacher.

Payton Bone will be remembered for being a great big brother, waiting outside the school to walk his little sister home. He plans on moving to Saskatoon to further his education.

Geno Cabahug will be remembered at the school for his love of everything basketball. He will be attending Mount Royal University for business administration.

Shalanne Cutler will be remembered for representing the school at two Canadian Student Leadership Conferences. The skills she learned there helped her to lead engaging and fun assemblies for the entire school. Cutler will be pursuing a career as a Dental Assistant.

Dustin Chassie will be remembered for his school spirit and volunteering to be the school mascot “Prowler” at school sporting events. He loves music and playing the guitar. Chase would like to become a career firefighter and hopes one day to have his own album.

Kiara Bates will be remembered for her willingness to volunteer and help those around her. She participated in badminton, volleyball, curling, track and field and SRC. Bates plans on enrolling in Regina to become a registered nurse.

Courage McArthur will be remembered for his love of boxing and easy-going attitude. He is an artist and helped create the mural that hangs in the school entrance. McArthur would like to pursue professional boxing.

Nearly 300 attended the graduation ceremonies that were held at Prairie Place. Kaydence Hughes was the valedictorian and Whitney Paul-Joseph the guest speaker.