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Weekly RCMP report

The following report covers the period from July 29 to Aug 4. The report is compiled in the order in which the calls appear in police records.

The following report covers the period from July 29 to Aug 4. The report is compiled in the order in which the calls appear in police records.

Following a 911 call, police were called to mediate a dispute between roommates in Kenosee Lake, members attended and advised the persons that it was a civil matter.

A 911 call regarding an assault in the area is being investigated.

A report was received of a person kicking in a door. Police attended and arrested a 24-year-old male and a 26-year-old male who were both intoxicated.

A 911 call was received regarding a possibly out of control stubble fire. The fire was controlled by firefighters and no police action was necessary.

A driver called police to report another driver for failing to obey a stop sign. The complainant was willing to provide a statement, but the license number did not match up with records. The matter is being investigated.

A person called to report a fight in progress. Then they called back to say police presence was no longer needed. Minor injuries were reported, but no charges were laid.

A house fire was reported at White Bear. Police, White Bear Fire Department and SaskPower attended and determined it had been caused by a lightning strike.

A woman called to request their intoxicated husband to be removed from the residence. When police attended the woman no longer wanted their presence. No charges were laid.

A person called to report a stolen cell phone.

A fatal motor vehicle accident occurred on a highway south of Redvers. The motorcyclist had failed to negotiate a turn in the road and had left the highway. Deceased is a 47-year-old male.

The theft of a truck from Kenosee was reported to police. Missing is a red Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel quad cab. The plate number is 973 HPH. The public is asked to inform police in Carlyle if they spot this vehicle.

A caller reported seeing a possibly intoxicated driver in the Kenosee area. Police made a patrol but did not find the vehicle.

A female was arrested and charged with being intoxicated in a public place. She was fined $200.

A 911 call from the area reported an attempted break and enter in progress. Members attended and found the caller to be intoxicated and irrational. The 39-year-old male was lodged in cells until sober.

A 911 call from Kenosee reported an individual sitting outside a building drinking. The caller was concerned for their own safety. Police advised the complainant to lock the door as this was a civil matter.

A caller reported that an individual had taken their vehicle without permission. They said they wanted to press charges, but the cell phone they were calling from went dead before police could take details.

A complainant said that two men were intoxicated on his driveway. Police attended the residence only to find the subjects had already left. No charges were laid.

A false alarm was investigated at a business in the area. The cause was an electrical short.

A 911 call was received reporting that a person was moving out from a residence, but was taking the complainant's tools. Members attended and spoke to both parties. The subject of the complaint denied the charge. Police explained that this was inappropriate use of the 911 service.

Members were called to the area to investigate a complaint regarding an intoxicated person. The person was not located and no charges were laid.

Two persons were reported as walking along a highway carrying a stop sign. Security services approached the persons, who dropped the sign and disappeared into the bush.

A call was received regarding a suspicious vehicle. It had stopped at a cabin in the area and unknown persons were looking through the windows. Members attended and were told a passenger in the vehicle had lost a purse while staying at the cabin.

A $360 liquor ticket was issued to a 23-year-old male for having open alcohol in the vehicle.

A false alarm was investigated at Arcola.

A 911 caller reported a boat fire on a lake at White Bear. Fire department and members attended. No charges were laid.

A false alarm was activated at a residence in Arcola.

A driver called into the detachment to report a collision with a deer. An SGI report was issued.

A 911 caller reported a truck was driving all over the road near Arcola. Members patrolled but did not locate the vehicle.

An RCMP detachment in BC requested members in Carlyle to locate an individual locally. The person was located and a report sent to BC.

A tip was received that a person was using purple diesel for private purposes. The person was visited by members and they denied the charge.

A warrant was issued for a 34-year-old male, when members tried to serve the warrant, the person ran off. A police dog unit was called to the scene, and the person gave themselves up before the dog was released.

A truck driver was reported to police for throwing a water bottle out onto the highway while driving. This distracted the driver following them, and police are investigating the incident.

An 18-year-old driver lost control of their vehicle when reaching over for a thermos. The vehicle rolled. There was no alcohol involved and no injuries, but the driver was issued with a ticket for driving without due care and attention.

A 911 call reported that a 22-year-old female had cut her hand on a broken bottle. Police attended and discovered the woman to be intoxicated. EMS also attended and advised the young woman to go to the hospital. She refused, but then closed her eyes as if to sleep. EMS personnel were concerned this may be the result of blood loss and placed the woman in a chair to take her to the ambulance. The woman awoke and started to struggle and police placed her under arrest for her own safety and that of the EMS personnel. The woman was taken to hospital and released in the morning.

A 911 call was received with regard to a power line that was down and smoking. Members and SaskPower attended, as did local firefighters.

A 911 caller reported a fight in progress. The caller was concerned because there were children at the residence. Members attended and arrest three intoxicated persons who were lodged in cells until sober.

A caller reported an assault in the area. When police were on their way, the suspect was seen driving away. They were stopped and charged with driving an unregistered vehicle while suspended. The assault charge is also being investigated.

A 37-year-old male was arrested in Carlyle for public intoxication. There was also an outstanding warrant for the person; they were lodged in cells overnight.

A complaint was received regarding a possibly unregistered and unsafe firearm. Investigations continue.

A call was received regarding a motorcyclist allegedly doing 100mph. Members did not pursue since the combination of the distant location from the detachment and the speed would mean they would not catch the person.

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