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Winter weights delayed in Saskatchewan

Winter weights typically begin Nov. 16
grain semi trucks in field
Winter weights have been delayed in Saskatchewan.

REGINA - Milder weather this fall will result in the postponement of winter weight season in Saskatchewan.

Typically, winter weights begin on all relevant secondary highways Nov. 16 each year and continue through mid-March.

"In an effort to protect the province's roads, the winter weight program has been postponed until there is adequate freezing," Highways Minister Fred Bradshaw said. "Winter weight season allows shippers to haul heavier loads on secondary-highways and cost savings for the industry."

Freezing temperatures during winter strengthen the road and allows for additional weight to be transported on provincial highways without damaging the pavement or roadbed. Typically winter weights allow truckers to carry up to 15-20 per cent more payload on secondary highways, than what can be carried during the warmer summer months.

Shippers using secondary weight highways benefit because it can result in fewer trips and cost savings for truckers. It allows efficient movement from secondary to primary weight highways.

Municipal roads are the responsibility of each rural municipality, who set out their own weight limits.

Commercial truckers and shippers are encouraged to check the status regularly at