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Arcola-Kisbey 4H Beef Club report

One group learned about showmanship and the other learned about washing cattle.
The Arcola-Kisbey 4-H Club learned a lot during a recent demonstration day.

WEYBURN - The Arcola Kisbey 4-H Beef Club met at the Charltons farm near Weyburn for a demonstration day with all club members in attendance.  

The senior members of the club organized the day and mentored younger members. We split up into two groups. 

The first group was shown pointers how to get better at showmanship and the other group was how to wash our cattle. Then we switched so that we all got to do both washing and showmanship. 

Thank you to our senior members Emma Lees, Kyla Lees and Matthew Charlton for doing this for us, as we learned a lot.

We then had a general meeting where we discussed our Achievement Day and got our questionnaire study sheets to get prepared for the test. After that we had cheesecake and drinks.