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Heritage Grill is the new kid on the block in Arcola

We wanted to have a reliable restaurant in Arcola, where people could come and enjoy a great meal,” said Bueckert.
Melissa and Grant Bueckert are pleased to be opening a restaurant in Arcola.

ARCOLA - When the opportunity came up for Grant and Melissa Bueckert to an open a restaurant, they jumped on it.

Grant Bueckert was raised in the Saskatoon area and moved to Kisbey for work 10 years ago. He said the job opportunities here were much better and so was the pay. He is a mechanic and works for Keep them Rollin, but he is also the owner of Pheonix Fireworks in Kisbey. He does not build the fireworks but sets them off at events such as Canada Day celebrations.

Melissa is the director at the Arcola Daycare and enjoys her job. She will remain in this position while working at the restaurant.

Heritage Grill is located on the main floor in Buddy’s Pub, which is on Main Street in Arcola. The pub is on the upper level of the building.

The main floor of the pub had been closed for several years and it needed deep cleaning and sanitizing in order to be inspected. Once they received 100 per cent from their inspection, they began the task of preparing food, with many taste tests to ensure the food they would offer to the public was high quality.

“We have done a great deal of taste testing,” said Bueckert. “We want to offer great quality food at reasonable prices.”

They both enjoy cooking, catering and planning meals, and thought this would be a great fit for them.

Their menu will begin with a wide selection of pizzas with homemade crusts, as well as burgers and finger foods, but Bueckert will ease up on the salt, as this is something that customers can add for their own taste.

They will be happy to place large orders for gatherings and may even deliver if the place is in Arcola, depending on how busy they are.

Gluten-free options are another aspect they are looking into, but Bueckert feels this is something they need to be incredibly careful with.

When the time comes that they offer this on the menu they want to be 100 percent sure that it will be gluten free.

On May 13, they were open for the first time, and Bueckert said it went perfectly.

During the week, since they both work, the restaurant will be open from 4-8 p.m. and on the weekends hours will be 11 a.m.-8 p.m.

At this time, they are not looking to hire, but once they get busy it is something they will need to do.

“We wanted to have a reliable restaurant in Arcola, where people could come and enjoy a great meal,” said Bueckert.

They are excited about this new adventure and look forward to meeting many old and new customers in the future.