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Kenosee Lake Riding Academy saddled, ready to go

The 25 horses used for the academy are wintered north of Kenose Lake.
Ottis joined the Kenosee Lake Riding Academy in 2019 and is one of 25 horses used for the trails.

KENOSEE LAKE - The Kenosee Lake Riding Academy (KLRA) began in the 1960’s at Moose Mountain Provincial Park.

In 1983, Mary Tudhope took over KLRA. She is in her 42nd year and has never looked back. Horses have always been Tudhope’s passion and running the KLRA is a dream come true for her.

Upon entering the main gate at Kenosee Lake, the KLRA is located 4.8 kilometres west and to the north by Little Kenosee Lake.

The 25 horses used for the academy are wintered at Tudhope’s farm north of Kenosee. They are not used much in the winter, and in the summer they are brought to the stalls. They are then ridden several times to get them ready for their summer months of riding.

Some of these horses have been trained and raised by Tudhope, while others were purchased or are from recuses.

The horses arrive the third week of June and the academy offers a one-hour trail ride four times a day, seven days a week. No rides are given in the evenings. The rides are dependent on weather conditions.

Horses are saddled and ready to go, with stirrups being adjusted for leg length and comfort. The trails go around the shores of Little Kenosee Lake, through the lush grass and forest. Each trip is different as one never knows what they might see.

Two trail guides go along for the ride while another person stays at the stables to answer calls and book rides.

These horses ranging from five to 20 years of age, have been on many trails, and are surefooted, calm, friendly and know their jobs.

During this time, the horses are at the stables. Tudhope has a camper parked near where she stays until the Labour Day long weekend, as this is when it closes.

For young children who are not ready to ride a horse, ponies are available that can be led around the corral by parents.

While riding, it is always good practice to wear sunscreen and bug repellent, a hat, long pants and proper footwear to protect a person from the elements and bugs.

To ensure a spot, it is best to book in advance as their time slots can fill up quickly.

KLRA is one of the riding places that is highlighted by Tourism Saskatchewan for its scenic trails and it is one you don't want to miss.