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Ty Cutler's auctioneering skills earn him a national award

Auctioneering runs in his family, as his father has been in the industry for many years.

MOOSOMIN - Ty Cutler is one of the fastest talkers around and he has the buckles to prove it.

Cutler was born in Brandon and lived in Virden, Man., until the age of two with his parents.

When Cutler’s parents separated, he moved with his mom Shauna Ferguson Cutler to Moosomin and he still lives in the area today at age 21.

He has a great relationship with his father Ward Cutler, while his mother Shauna married Jason McDougall, and they are also a big part of Ty Cutler's life.

Cutler went to school in Moosomin and graduated from McNaughton High School in 2021. As a kid he enjoyed many things, but his passion remained with being on the farm and raising cattle.

He spent many summers holidays and weekends with his father going to rodeos, feeder sales and purebred sales, as his dad is an auctioneer.

As a boy he wanted to grow up and be just like his father in the auctioneer business, but as he got older, he moved on and got a job.

He still thought that what his dad did was really cool and loved watching the sales with a good auctioneer. His father has been an auctioneer for 28 years.

Cutler worked at Prairie Livestock in Moosomin with cattle during his days in high school.

One summer, after Cutler graduated high school, he tried working for a pipeline company, but he soon figured out that this was not for him and that his calling was in raising cattle.

Cutler returned to Moosomin and began working again at Prairie Livestock. He still helps out there today when he is able to.

In February 2023, he was at a fundraiser. Hugh Garret needed help and asked young Cutler if he could.

“I thought why not give auctioneering a try,” said Cutler.

It was after this that people kept asking him to do more fundraisers and it took off from there.

The first official auctioneer fundraiser that Cutler did was for the Wapella Pipestone Wildlife Federation.

“I will never forget it,” he said.

A year ago, Cutler attended the Ken Jordon’s Auctioneer Training Centre of Canada, located in Winnipeg. It was the same school that his dad attended.

Schooling went for six days, and Jordon makes the auctioneers practise their numbers.

Next is how to do their rhythm and chanting, and how the industry works.

Cutler said there is only so much that can be taught at school; the rest of his learning comes through time and with experience.

He has been very busy with his career, and on March 23 he competed in the Man/Sask Auctioneer Championship.

It was held at the Heartland Livestock Services Market in Virden, which he went to with his father.

With 17 auctioneers competing, he made it to the second round with the top seven auctioneers. He was pretty pleased about this.

He was proud and honoured to win the Man/Sask Rookie of the Year Award. This goes to the top auctioneer that has sold cattle for five years or less. Cutler has only been doing this for little over a year.

He recently returned from Kitchener-Waterloo, Ont., where he took part in the Livestock Markets Association of Canada Auctioneer Championship (LMAC).

There were 35 competitors and Cutler said some of the best from Canada attend.

Cutler was one of the top 10 to return for round two of the finals.

This time Cutler took home the third runner-up and another buckle that he is honoured and proud to receive.

Every Tuesday he sells cattle at the Whitewood market and on some weekends the owners, Rhett and Gene Parks, have given Cutler lots of mic time, which he thinks is great. He added that they are fabulous people and have given him a ton of help.

He has many fundraisers that he has worked at and has other auctioneer commitments.

He continues to build on his cow herd through the help of his stepfather and step-grandfather, and although he lives in Saskatchewan, he spends as much time with his dad as possible.

“I have received a lot of support from my mom, dad, stepdad, girlfriend and friends,” said Cutler. “It is their support that has gotten me to where I am today.”

Cutler’s goals are to continue to be a better auctioneer and grow within the business, as well as win the rookie title at the LMAC championship and the auctioneer championship for Man/Sask in the years to come.

He has long-term goals as well and he will focus on them as time goes on.