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Drewitz students participate in jazz and tap exams

Students worked hard to be ready for their exams.
From left, Samantha Carritt, director/teacher Lorie-Gay Drewitz-Gallaway, Adisson Palmer and Halle Adams.

ESTEVAN - Students from the Drewitz School of Dance recently were tested in the jazz and tap examinations for Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers syllabus.

Examiners were Debbie Noce from Toronto and Gwen Bloom from Ottawa. Students worked hard to achieve their goals and progress through the professional examination program.

Results are as follows:


Pre-junior tap:

Highly commended plus: McKinley Gabert.

Commended plus: Lakyn Markoski.

Commended: Norah Graham and Aylah Nordin.

Junior 1 tap:

Highly commended plus: Harper Eskra.

Commended plus: Lexey Lievaart, Alice Mowchenko and Emma Salkeld.

Commended: Ivy Eskra and Eva Gedak.

Junior 2 tap:

Highly commended: Sofia Carritt.

Commended plus: Silver Gardiner and Keira Kessler.

Commended: Aubree Marchuk, Grace Hall, Rowan Grimes and Zelie-Roy Cennon.

Pass plus: Madison Zukewich.

Junior 3 tap:

Commended: Payton Sernick and Sophia Deitz.

Pass plus: Kadence Grimes, Sierra Mantei and Cana Marsh.

Pass: Ava Mann.

Pre-intermediate 1 tap:

Commended plus: Rowyn Siever, Brooke Dzeryk and Peyton Irwin.

Commended: Sophia Fleck, Elliana Wiebe and Mercedes Irwin.

Pass Plus: Sydney Lainton and Scarlett Mercer.

Pass: Rya Strilaeff and Audie-Rae Richardson.

Pre-intermediate 3 tap:

Pass: Adisson Palmer and Samantha Carritt.


Junior 1 jazz:

Highly commended plus: Lexey Lievaart

Highly commended: Emma Salkeld

Commended: Ivy Eskra

Pass Plus: Aubrie Jorgensen

Junior 2 jazz:

Highly commended plus: Sofia Carritt and Silver Gardiner.

Commended plus: Keira Kessler, Aspen Mayuk, Zelie Roy-Cennon and Natalie Currie.

Commended: Grace Hall, Rowan Grimes, Madison Zukewich, Eva Gedak and Alice Mowchenko.

Pass plus: Aubree Marchuk, Kayleigh Reed, Mollie Kingdon and Paris Irwin.

Pre-intermediate 1 jazz:

Commended: Elliana Wiebe and Brooke Dzeryk.

Pass plus: Sydney Lainton, Payton Sernick, McKenna Sullivan and Alexis Paton.

Pre-intermediate 2 jazz:

Commended plus: Tyann Babyak and Lindsay Mack.

Commended: Rowyn SIever, Layla Kitz and Mercedes Irwin.

Pass plus: Sydney Ross, Scarlett Mercer, Aurora McCutcheon, Sophia Fleck, Peyton Irwin and Scarlett Mercer.

Pass: Mercedes Irwin, Audie-Rae Richardson and Rya Strilaeff.

Pre-intermediate 3 jazz:

Commended: Halle Adams.

Pass plus: Samantha Carritt and Adison Palmer.

Intermediate 1 jazz:

Commended plus: Jersey Long.