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Diane Neufeld to represent People’s Party of Canada in Souris-Moose Mountain

Candidate says government needs to put Canada first
Diane Neufeld
Diane Neufeld is the candidate for the People's Party of Canada in Souris-Moose Mountain.

The candidate for the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) in Souris-Moose Mountain in the upcoming federal election

Diane Neufeld was confirmed as the party’s candidate late last week. A resident of Maryfield, she said she decided to run for the PPC because she believes it’s the only choice for Canada to become free from what she called the “tyranny” of what’s been happening in Canada over the past 17 months.

“We will not support these kinds of radical things that have been happening this past year and a half,” she said. “We want to have our values, our freedom, our sovereignty, our justice, our equality for all, prosperity and truth,” said Neufeld. 

She opted to run so that the voters in Souris-Moose Mountain would have the PPC as an option on the ballot. This marks the second federal election for the party since its inception in 2018.

She vowed the PPC would change the things that have not been happening properly for Canadians.  

Neufeld also voiced her opposition to the “globalism” that she says is going on. The government needs to put Canada first, and not worry about sending money to other countries when Canadians are suffering. 

She also called on the federal government to support Indigenous people and veterans who gave their lives for Canadians’ freedoms. 

“We’re not looking after them. There are some vets, many vets, who are homeless, who are using food banks, etc., and we have to stop that. Our Indigenous people they have been totally put under the rug. We have to look after them.”  

This marks the first time that Neufeld has run for public office, but she said she has worked in public areas before. Her family was politically active at the provincial and municipal levels.  

“I have always been interested, but lately in the last years, since I started having grandchildren, it’s become more and more important for me. I just need to have my country be suitable for the following generations, and right now, I don’t want my children or grandchildren to live like this.” 

Neufeld said there isn’t a difference between the four main parties, and that the Conservatives, the New Democratic Party and the Green Party would follow the same agenda as the Liberals.  

She is looking forward to participating in the debates, and she would love to get out and meet with the public. But due to the size of the riding, she doubts she would be able to get to every community. 

“I plan on doing a lot of online stuff so that I can get to people. They can watch me on my social media, and that’s how I will do most of it (reaching out to the public) because we have a very short time limit here,” she said.  

Neufeld has also been working to get her social media platforms up and running before the election, which is slated for Sept. 20.

Other declared candidates in Souris-Moose Mountain are Javin Ames-Sinclair of the Liberal Party, Robert Kitchen of the Conservative Party and Greg Douglas of the Maverick Party. Kitchen is the incumbent MP.