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Flower Focus celebrates one year of business

Business can be a risky thing for retail entrepreneurs.
Kathy Bax of Flower Focus stands surrounded by colour in her shop. Bax celebrated her first year in business on Saturday, Sept. 18.

Business can be a risky thing for retail entrepreneurs.

But the lure of success, of being involved in something you love, of being your own boss and reaping the harvest of your efforts draws many into the small storefronts that line main streets all over the region.

So when that first year anniversary is reached, it is always a time for celebration, as it was at Carlyle-based Flower Focus on Saturday, Sept. 18.

Kathy Bax, the owner and operator of Flower Focus, was keen to celebrate her first year, and to share her success with the community which has supported her business endeavour.

"It has been a great year for me, and I've learned a lot about the business," the florist said. "People always ask how it is going, if business has been good, if I am enjoying it."

"It is, it has been, and I do is all I can answer to those questions."

Bax, who made the move into the flower business last year, has said that the personal touches are what really bring joy to her job.

"I like it when someone comes in and it isn't busy," Bax said. "I have time to talk to them about the flowers and this and that."

"I hear some wonderful stories from people about who or what they are buying the flowers for," Bax said. "Especially the men. Women come in once in a while and will tell me they are just buying some flowers to have some flowers around."

"But men seem to always have something to say about something when they are buying flowers," Bax said. "They seem to always have a great story about why they are buying flowers, and it always seems to be something significant."

As time has progressed, Bax has developed certain tastes in how she designs her arrangements, and is always increasing her skill.

"My favourite piece I did so far was actually a bridal bouquet I did not too long ago," Bax said. "It just came out perfect, and I was really proud of the arrangement once it was done."

"I've also discovered that I tend to favour monochromatic arrangements," Bax admitted. "I'm not really sure why, and it is just a matter of personal preference, but I like doing arrangements where just one colour dominates."

In addition to flowers, Flower Focus also carries two books. One, Queen and Consort, is a book which was co-authored by Bax's niece and former Carlyle resident Lynn Bell.

The other, The Charm Tree, was written by Bax's daughter-in-law Heather Bax.

Bax has also become the area's newest marriage licence issuer.

"I like to keep busy, and expand what I have available," Bax said. "The newest addition to the flowers is the 'florist's choice.' People should stop in and have a look!"