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Moose Mountain Knights of Columbus hold snowmobile rally

Ninety-one riders participated in annual event.

CARLYLE - The Moose Mountain Knights of Columbus held another successful snowmobile rally with 91 riders participating.

The 60-kilometre ride headed south from Arcola, then to Willmar and then to Kisbey. It concluded by heading east with the snowmobilers gathering at the farm of Michael Weber.

The massive blizzard of a week earlier provided the riders with a great track and the trails were in excellent condition. The weather was perfect, and the event was well attended.

 “This rally is our most significant fundraiser of the year coming from rider and silent hands, raffle tables and sales of the delicious pork supper,” said financial secretary George Anderson. “All of the proceeds go to local projects and worthy causes including upgrades to the Kenosee Lake Boys and Girls Camp.”

After the supper and declaration of the various raffle and door prize winners, an auction occurred led by Jason LeBlanc. Three Dennis Feduk pies were auctioned with an additional $750.

Ray Boutin is the grand knight of the Moose Mountain council and offered his assessment of the day.

“We really appreciated the support of our local community once again to make this 30th annual derby a good day,” said Boutin. “It’s always been geared to appeal as a family event, and we feel it builds community which is one of our mandates. We’re not a big player in the big scheme of things but we focus on doing as many little things in our community as we can that makes a big difference.

“Our contributions help draw attention to things that matter like the Arcola Health Centre Retention program, Carlyle Elementary School Breakfast Program, Southeast College continuing care bursary, Friends of Moose Mountain Lodge that care for our elders, and the Carlyle Food Bank.

“We contribute both financially and with numerous volunteer hours at the Kenosee Boys & Girls Camp to keep it affordable for families, so kids can get a shot at learning life and social skills and making long lasting friendships, as well as leadership skills by way of being camp counsellors. 

“The camp is currently raising funds to replace the commercial mess hall camp stove. When you have a couple of hundred hungry mouths to feed, cooking with an unreliable stove is a liability.

“This year we were compelled to pay tribute to one of our past grand knights and lifetime members, Joe Nicolay, who very recently passed away. Brother Joe was a proud member who was active in recruiting new members to our council and was always one of the first to volunteer and inspire our council with his generosity, wit and humour. He will be missed immensely by his family and our council. 

“Lastly, we really must thank all our prize sponsors who continually step up and allow every rider to be awarded a prize. And of course, the sledders that come out and the silent hand buyers as well. Michael Weber and all the Weber family who have hosted this derby for years are to be thanked and acknowledged as well. “

Moose Mountain is one of the 16,000 Knights of Columbus Councils located all over the world. They are a global Catholic fraternal service order dedicated to the principles of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism. The Moose Mountain council presently has 47 members.  Armand Aalbers the treasurer.