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New clinic specializes in conditions, disorders and disease of scalp and hair

A Lampman-area woman is using her expertise to help people with issues related to the scalp and hair.
Jackie Olsen of Lampman is the first certified clinical trichologist in the southeast.

LAMPMAN - Jackie Olsen was born and raised on a farm east of Lampman with her parents Wally and Karen Fleck, who have operated a certified organic farm since 2005.

Olsen now lives on the farm with her husband Darren, who is a part owner of Innovative Artificial Lift Solutions in Estevan. They have a son Lucas who lives in Beinfait and works for Redhead Equipment in Estevan.

Although Olsen lives on the farm, she took a different route in life with trichology. The concept is from the ancient Greek word trikhos, which means hair. Trichology was founded in 1902.

Olsen is the first certified clinical trichologist in the southeast. She is a paramedical professional who specializes in the conditions, disorder and disease of the scalp and hair.

Olsen holds a diploma for diet and nutrition, with a specialty in holistic nutrition for scalp and hair health. She has a background in agriculture and most recently Certified Organic Agriculture.

She continues to upgrade her education on trichology with the most recent programs and belongs to the World Trichology Society.

Having struggled herself with scalp issues that would not be resolved, she began to research trichology and found it very fascinating.

She believes that every single person that wants to take preventive measures in their scalp and hair health should see a trichologist. Olsen operates a private clinic called Rooted Trichology Clinic located east of Lampman.

By appointment, she offers in clinic testing, along with state of the art scalp and hair treatments, which are custom curated for each patient's specific scalp or hair needs.

Olsen focuses on the root cause, then provides preventative measures in helping the scalp feel better.

She describes looking after the scalp like preparing soil for crops.

When preparing soil to establish a healthy crop, the proper ratio of nutrition in the soil is a huge contributing factor in the equation to balanced nutrition in the food it bears.

“A very similar analogy goes for the hair,” said Olsen.

She goes on to explain that treating the scalp as the soil for hair will allow for the proper nutrition ratios and absorption.

“There needs to be a balance and the proper ratios of nutrients for strong, healthy sustainable growth,” she said.

Keeping a balance can also help with hair loss. Losing a small amount of hair can be normal, but more than this could mean there is an underlying health issue, and it should be checked out.

There is much more to the equation, but getting the scalp healthy is her goal, as it all starts there.

Giving the proper assessment and providing solutions is Olsen’s priority, and she offers maintenance as well as ongoing care and support.

Olsen is working on building a new full clinic, with separate rooms and large, beautiful windows for lots of natural light, and she is excited about this venture and cannot wait to see it all completed.

This new clinic will be located on the farm, nestled in the trees for privacy.

In the meantime, she will continue in her private clinic until the build is completed.