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RCMP report

This report covers a two-week period, from May 27 to June 9. During this time the detachment at Carlyle received 107 calls, although not all incidents are reported in this article.

This report covers a two-week period, from May 27 to June 9. During this time the detachment at Carlyle received 107 calls, although not all incidents are reported in this article. In cases involving sensitive issues or mental health, the privacy of the parties is respected. There were also a number of traffic offences still being processed when this report was researched, therefore these also do not appear in this writing.

We begin by reviewing some of the events which are still under investigation by members of the detachment. It is important to appreciate situations often demand continued use of police time and resources long after the initial call. There are leads to follow, individuals to trace or interview, and information to be verified. These behind the scenes activities are seldom mentioned, but are an essential aspect of police work. Still under investigation are the following cases.

A break and enter at a log cabin in the area where a VCR was smashed and cupboards emptied.

The theft of a vehicle from a business in Carlyle where there are no suspects and no witnesses.

A case of elder abuse that was originally reported to the Regina detachment.

The smashing of a window at a bar in Kenosee village.

The slashing of car tires near a bar in Wawota.

A 911 call relating to a family dispute which may result in charges.

The theft of a yellow ATV.

The breaking of a car's windshield wipers in the area.

The driving of a quad through Redvers where the rider did not wear a helmet, then ran a stop sign and was also speeding.

The unlawful taking of a truck from Carlyle.

A break and enter at an educational centre where an individual was captured on security video.

A case of assault between siblings in the area.

An assault case involving a 22-year-old female being bitten by another individual, leading to the young woman being taken to hospital.

The case of a grain truck roll-over in the R.M. of Hazelwood.

A report of vandalism and truck theft in Redvers, with the truck later being found in another part of the area.

A break and enter of a shed and garage in the area, where blood samples and an empty bottle were found.

The smashing of a truck window.

The theft of two dirt bikes and boat motor.

The ramming of a workshop door by an unknown vehicle at a farm near Arcola.

Now we move on to situations that have been resolved and concluded. Where possible the outcome of the event will be given.

A four-year-old was bitten by a dog and the dog was destroyed with the owner's permission.

A complaint was lodged of doors being knocked by kids who then ran away in Redvers.

Members attended a 911 call from a farm near Alida where a fight had been reported and then amicably handled by the parties involved.

Members attended a dispute at a home in Redvers where no charges were laid.

A liquor ticket in the amount of $220 was given to a 22-year-old male in Redvers.

Members attended a call about three intoxicated persons who would not leave a residence. No charges were laid.

A call was received about four young men who were allegedly drunk, in a car, and setting out to do trouble. Members searched for the vehicle but were unable to locate it.

An intoxicated person from Redvers was lodged overnight in cells at Carlyle and fined $90.

A complaint of unlawful use of a debit card was received from a local person, however since the card use was in Montreal, the matter was handed over to police in that city.

Members warned an individual that charges would be laid if they did not stop making threatening phone calls to another individual.

Two static line 911 calls were considered to be the result of technical issues.

A driver complained about being cut off by another driver in Carlyle. Police attended but the perpetrator had already left the area.

The drivers of four quads were issued a warning about trespassing on private land near Kisbey.

A false alarm was attended at a secure business in Carlyle. No cause was found.

A bicycle was stolen from Kenosee village, but the owner was advised that without a record of the serial number it would be difficult to trace and recover the property.

Police were informed of a noise complaint in Arcola, but no action is necessary at this time.

Three individuals failed to appear in court and warrants will be issued for their arrest.

Several reports came in regarding vehicles driving all over the road, the suspects were not located.

A report of arson from the R.M. of Hazelwood led to the arrest of a person who also had significant amounts of stolen property in their possession. Multiple charges have been laid against this individual.

A person called 911 several times and asked police for a ride. The intoxicated caller did get a ride, but only to the cells in Carlyle. They were also handed a ticket for $90.

A person was charged with theft under $5,000.

Police attended a 911 call where the caller had arrived home and could see people walking around in their house. A number of intoxicated persons were removed from the location and given a ride home, no charges were laid.

Regina police requested assistance in finding a missing person who was possibly in Redvers. The individual was found by tracing the GPS signal from their cellphone.

A person called police to inform them they had accidently set off their home alarm system. They called later to say everything was fine and the system was reset.

Members received a complaint of written harassment on a facebook page. The posts were reviewed by police and the complainant was advised to not contact the individual responsible for the posts.

A person called in to report a wallet that had been missing for the last three months. The item had not been handed in to police.

A complaint of a vehicle racing in Carlyle led to a fine of $115 being issued to an 18-year-old male for having tinted front windows.

Ten windows were stolen from a construction site in Carlyle. There are no suspects and a report was issued to Crime Stoppers and local newspapers.