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Rocanville transfer station rates stay the same

Fees have not changed since 2017.
The Rocnaville transfer station is currently running summer hours until Oct. 31, Mondays noon to 6 p.m; Fridays 2 to 6 p.m; and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

ROCANVILLE — A transfer station fee schedule appeared before Town of Rocanville council during their regular meeting on Wednesday, and as Administrator Tanya Strandlund explained, fees aren’t increasing.

“The fees themselves didn’t increase, it’s just breaking it out to help be more specific so people know what to expect when they go out there,” she said.

On the Town of Rocanville website, fees have remained unchanged since 2017, and a long list of items and their associated rates can be found. For example, residents can expect to be charged two dollars a bag for bagged garbage brought to the transfer station. Steel appliances (placed in the steel pile) will cost $20 each—the same price tag as mattresses and furniture.

Tires and batteries are not accepted and are directed to be returned to the dealer. 

The transfer station is currently running summer hours until Oct. 31, Mondays noon to 6 p.m; Fridays 2 to 6 p.m; and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Community Day ’25 date set

After a highly successful Community Day on June 1, the town is already setting a date for next year’s shindig. Mark your calendars for June 7, 2025—it’ll be another great party in Rocanville!

“Because of the success and the good timing of this previous one, that’s the direction council wants to go is have it early June so that as many people as possible can attend and participate,” Strandlund said.

Setting a date early also allows organizers plenty of time to book entertainment.

Tax bylaw passed

Mention taxes and people tend to get a bit grumpy, but in Rocanville, there’s no reason to be glum. The Minimum Tax Bylaw was passed last week and residents will not see an increase. 

“Taxes are not increasing this year, nothing is changing on the municipal side,” Strandlund assured. “Minimum tax is $1,850 for a land with an improvement, and the empty lot is $250.”

Banners and ‘home of’ sign

While more of a ‘next year’ project, town staff are investigating costs for banners and a special sign paying tribute to a hometown hero.

“It’s going to be Home of Jessica Campbell,” Strandlund confirmed. “She’s doing fantastic things in the hockey world, so we definitely want to acknowledge her success. We’re proud of her.”

Staff are being proactive with the future project, getting estimates and researching options of what is most aesthetically pleasing.

Paving discussed

The never-ending work of paving was discussed, with sights set on one portion in particular. The 200 block of Garry Street was highlighted during last week’s council meeting.

“The Ellice Street swale has deteriorated greatly,” Strandlund also noted. “We’re going to do some maintenance on that and bring it back up.”

Lagoon mulching contract

Full Yard Skidsteer Services will be doing the lagoon mulching this year, awarded the contract during last week’s council meeting. 

“There’s a whole bunch of willow trees and it just needs to be mulched,” Strandlund said. “We’re hoping to do that in the fall, but we’ll see what the year brings.”

Future Zamboni discussed

Some discussion revolved around the future needs of a Zamboni within the next couple of years. 

“It’s just the whole future planning thing is making sure that we’re well aware of what our assets are like and what condition they’re in,” Strandlund said. “So that future needs are already kind of anticipated and planned for.”

No decision was made, the item was simply to begin the conversation about assets.

Motion to borrow for a pool project

An addition to the council agenda was a legal resolution to borrow money for the pool project. 

“That was just something that the Municipal Board had requested and the motion needed to be made,” Strandlund said. “We haven’t got the official approval yet, but we’re applying for up to $2.6 million with the anticipation we’re not going to need it all.” 

Council approved the resolution.