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Weyburn Comp JA company 'Luminate' has successful run

The Weyburn Comp’s Junior Achievement company, Luminate, held their final board meeting on Monday, and presented a $700 donation to Envision Counselling

WEYBURN — The Weyburn Comp’s Junior Achievement company, Luminate, held their final board meeting of the year on Monday morning, and presented a $700 donation to Envision Counselling and Support from their earnings.

The company ran from April to June, comprised of students from the Entrepreneurship 30 class, with guidance from teacher Margot Arnold.

Co-presidents Owen Klein and Kaitlin Demchynski said in their final report, “We are proud of how dedicated the company members of Luminate were to help create this business to become what it is today. The help and contributions from everyone on the team has been very appreciated, and we are very thankful for everyone and their hard work.”

Luminate sold candles made with soy wax and wood wicks, and there were nine different scents.

The best seller in the company was Beloved Berry, one of the scents available for Mother’s Day. The students sold exclusive Mother’s Day and Father’s Day baskets, as well as a bundle for Grad 2024.

When the Father’s Day scents were released, Cake and Café became the new bestseller.

The company’s mission statement “is to create a wide variety of soy-based scented wax candles for everyone to enjoy. We aim to have a scent to satisfy every mood or occasion.”

The students’ goals and objectives were to model their company norms and values, get their orders out in a timely fashion and produce high-quality candles for their customers.

Luminate faced a number of challenges, the co-presidents noted, due to a high volume of orders for Mother’s Day as they were put behind. As they didn’t have enough candles made for the orders, they increased production nights to get the candles made.

Once they had enough candles for the baskets, they were able to package them and deliver them.

In addition, they didn’t have enough candles to pack orders made before Mother’s Day and they had run out of wax, so they ordered more and had lots of production nights to get those orders out.

The co-presidents found that communication was another problem, so they held weekly meetings with the vice-presidents to help improve the communication issue.

Luminate had many successes over the semester, as they brought in over 200 orders and had many repeat customers.

With new rules in place, they were able to get their orders out on time for their customers.

“Our candles were made with the best quality as new rules were set in place, and people got familiar with the candle-making process,” said the co-presidents.

The donation of $700 was made to Lynda Rideout and Raven Daer of Envision Counselling on Monday, and they indicated the funds will go towards programming at the centre.