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City of North Battleford puts residents first with infrastructure projects

The City of North Battleford is creating a more vibrant city for residents through its infrastructure investment projects and its improved relations with surrounding First Nations communities.
North Battleford.

The City of North Battleford is creating a more vibrant city for residents through its infrastructure investment projects and its improved relations with surrounding First Nations communities.

In 2015, the City launched its Underground Pipe and Asphalt Replacement (UPAR) to provide stable funding for the replacement of aging and deteriorating infrastructure.

“What we’re doing is identifying the sections of poorest condition in the city and replacing pipes that are literally 100 years old,” says Jennifer Niesink, the City’s director of corporate services.

“UPAR allows us to do major capital projects every year, whether it’s replacing roadways or doing underground pipes. Everybody pays and the City continues to upgrade what needs to be replaced.”

These projects are an investment in North Battleford and will enhance the livability of its neighbourhoods. Removing lead water lines and installing modern utility infrastructure, while not as visually noticeable as fresh asphalt and new sidewalks, are equally crucial for improving the lives of residents.

The City has also begun the process of installing smart water meters, which will provide a dashboard of information accessible by a smart phone or web portal. It allows residents to monitor their water usage in real-time. Additionally, these smart water meters will allow for on-demand, remote water meter readings. No more estimates, no more acrobatics to read your meter or having City employees driving around North Battleford and requesting entry to read your meter.

“You can check if you have a running faucet, or if you go on vacation, you can get an alert,” Niesink says.

“You’ll have options for monitoring, which will be a huge benefit for people as we go forward.”

The City’s Sanitary Sewer trunk force main installation, a megaproject that represents a nearly $15-million investment, allows for the continued growth of the Killdeer and Fairview Heights neighbourhoods. This megaproject is possible with funding from the Provincial and Federal Governments through the New Building Canada Fund - National and Regional Projects in which  each party will contribute one-third of the total eligible expenditures. Residents are receiving $15-million worth of infrastructure at a third of the cost.

Creating an inclusive city is also a priority in North Battleford.

The City of North Battleford has donated land to local housing groups. On this donated land from the City, the housing groups are building a new eight-unit rental housing program.

“We’re really proud of that,” Niesink says of the project.

The City is also working with a number of First Nations communities in the surrounding area to collaborate on City issues. On National Indigenous Peoples Day in 2019,the City of North Battleford along with Lucky Man Cree Nation, Sweetgrass First Nation, Little Pine First Nation, Moosomin First Nation, Saulteaux First Nation and the Town of Battleford signed the Sacichawasihc Relationship Agreement.

This agreement gives municipal and Indigenous governments a way to work together in the spirit of reconciliation and collaboration through the building of government-to-government relationships. The Sacichawasihc Relationship Agreement won the 13th Annual Saskatchewan Municipal Awards.

“It is a tremendous accomplishment to have this regional cooperation through the Sacichawasihc Agreement,” Niesink says.

The City of North Battleford is building and investing in a bright future for its residents by improving existing infrastructure, investing in sustainable growth and building relationships on a regional level.

To access services and learn more about the City’s infrastructure plans, visit

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