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OHS Grade Six Students Hold FolkFest

Different countries, cultures and customs on display

Grade six students at Outlook High School decided to go international on Wednesday afternoon, November 21 when they hosted a special FolkFest event in the school gymnasium.

OHS Grade Six Students Hold FolkFest_0
Paige Berquist, Rebecca Ziegler and Beth Kowalski with their display on Norway. - Derek Ruttle

The kids broke up into different groups and pairings to come up with unique and creative displays and pavilions that focused on the different customs, cultures and traditions of almost twenty countries and nations around the world.

OHS Grade Six Students Hold FolkFest_1
Autumn Simonson, Maeda Haapala, and Maggie Simonson with their display on the Dominican Republic. - Derek Ruttle

The globally-centered event brought out classrooms of fellow students to check out the work of their younger peers, and it was also open to the public so that proud parents and others who were interested could see what the kids came up with.

A number of the pavilions also featured country-specific food items, so those touring the gym were able to enjoy something of an afternoon snack in addition to checking out the work of the students, and a passport handed out to attendees encouraged them to interact with the kids and ask questions about their selected countries.

OHS Grade Six Students Hold FolkFest_2
Thomas Lucas, Finn Asnanto, and James Wagnr-Mitchell with their display on Germany. - Derek Ruttle

Whether it was the customs and traditions of Spain, Egypt and Norway, or perhaps even experiencing for yourself the culinary creations from the likes of Germany and Venezuela, each group’s pavilion provided something to learn, see or even taste.