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Top readers rewarded at CJES awards assembly

Once again the reading awards were the highlight of the Canora Junior Elementary School awards assembly on June 23. All the students except the Kindergarten students participate in the accelerated reading (AR) program.

Once again the reading awards were the highlight of the Canora Junior Elementary School awards assembly on June 23. All the students except the Kindergarten students participate in the accelerated reading (AR) program.

Kindergarten reading award for Group 1 from first to fifth place were: Luca Propp, Jacob Lowes, Joshua Prychak, Jordan Zbitniff and Rhianna Stefanyshyn. Winning the reading awards for Group 2 for first to fifth place were: Hannelle Sevilla, Kaelyn Shukin, Storey Fehr, Hephzibah Johnson and Merrick Derkatch.

The top AR point earners for Grade 1 were: Meekah Unick, 93.3 pts.; Linden Rebuck, 81.8 pts.; Falyn Ostafi e, 51.6 pts.; Andrew Sliva, 44.9 pts.; and Henry Craig, 40.4 pts.

The top AR point earners for Grade 2 were: Alaina Roebuck, 106.2 pts; Ty Sle- Top readers rewarded at CJES awards assembly eva, 94.0 pts.; Noah Prychak, 93.1 pts.; Connor Kraynick,
82.2 pts.; and Sofia Tratch, 52.1 pts.

The Top AR point earners for Grade 3 were: Jack Craig, 137.5 pts., Gregory Severight, 66.3 pts.; Porter Wolkowski, 62.2 pts.; Michael Owchar, 59.2 pts.; and Madison Kryski, 53.5 pts.
The Top AR point earners for Grade 4 were: Jaxon Bisschop, 270.8 pts; Everett Paley, 101.0 pts.; Meadow Ostafie, 83.7 pts.; Zoe Thomas, 72.2 pts.; and Jackson Krotenko, 67.0 pts.

By reaching 270.8 pts, Bisschop set a new school record.

Medals were presented for the most-improved reader in each classroom. Earning the medals were: Owen Ostafie in K1, Kaelyn Shukin in K2, Kale Strelioff in 1T, Tucker Mydonick in 1P, Nels Nordin
in 2C, Noah Prychak in 2M; Jim Grayston in 3Ost; Haydyn Parmley in 3/4; and Kailey Sleeva in 4L. Bus captains were Jenna Korol, Everett Paley, Toby Olynyk, Jack Craig, Samantha
Parker, Logan Wolkowski, Hayden Strelioff, Thomas Hauber and Logan Grabowski.

Assistant bus captains were: Michael Owchar, Callie Sznerch, Porter Wolkowski, Hunter Secundiak, Connor Kraynick, Madison Kryski and Brayden Goetzinger. Recognized for being the
door holder was Mia Ruf.

Outstanding library volunteers were Kailey Sleeva, Methyl Trask and Zoe Thomas.

School community council members were Kellyanne Ostafie, president; Naomi Paley, vice-president; Lindsey Propp, secretary; Jill Craig, treasurer; Nyomee Hannah, Grade 4 rep, and
Robin Skurat, Grade 4 rep.

The Cheetahs was the intramural team with the most points, 247.6. The Pythons were in second place followed by the Wolverines, Bobcats, Raptors and Hornets. Members of the Cheetahs
were: Aidyn Kaytor, Anthony Jacob, Cody Vangen, Cooper Kraynick, Erika Sweeney, Falyn Ostafie, Gaspar Thomas, Halie-Jade Matychuk, Henry Craig, Ira Mykytyshyn, Irena Yannoulis,
Jackson Palagian, Jada Nordin, Liam Trask, Lila Wilson, Lucien Carlson, Merrick Derkatch, Samuel Genoway, Silver Nordin, Sofia Tratch, Tia Bushell-Erickson, Jack
Craig, Joey Palagian, Meadow Ostafie, Methyl Trask, Samantha Parker, Shayna Leson, Toby Olynyk, Zoe Thomas and Kaira Kuhn.

Recognized for the work that they do as safety patrollers were: Havin Berehula, Logan Grabowski, Jackson Krotenko, Meadow Ostafie, Samantha Parker, Zoe Thomas, Daniel Howell, Cole Marcinkoski, Latifah Severight, Jaxon Bisschop, Nyomme Hannah, Logan Lewchuk, Joey Palagian, Brooklyn Reine, Methyl Trask, Dawson Jennings, Toby Olynyk, Robin Skurat, Cole Fountain,
Ethan Heshka, Nickolas Medvid, Everett Paley, Kailey Sleeva, Thomas Hauber, Hannah Keinick-Wallis, Haydyn Parmley and Logan Wolkowski.

Winning awards at the GSSD track-and-field meet were: Zoe Thomas, gold, high jump; Kailey Sleeva, silver, shot put; and Thomas Hauber, bronze, 50m.

The Grade 4 boys relay team, comprised of Logan Lewchuk, Cole Marcinkoski, Jaxon Bisschop and Thomas Hauber won gold. The Grade 4 girls relay team, comprised of Zoe Thomas, Meadow
Ostafie, Hannah Keinick- Wallis and Kailey Sleeva won the silver medal. Winners in the Knights of Columbus Free Throw from first to third place were: nine-year-old girls, Meadow Oastfie and Hannah Keinick-Wallis; and nine-year-old boys, Logan Lewchuk, Jackson Krotenko and Thomas Hauber.

Winners in the Royal Canadian Legion coloured poster contest in the grades 1-3 category were: Cairwyn Bailey, Andrew Sliva, Falyn Ostafie, Callie Sznerch and Kian Kosar.

The citizenship awards are very prestigious, explained Principal Rod Steciuk. The criteria includes: highly regarded by staff and students; contributes positively to the classroom, school and community; contributes to problem solving in peaceful ways; has demonstrated respect for diversity and the views of others; has an excellent attitude to education and school life; and is
an outstanding citizen of the school. The winners were: Luca Propp in K1, Merrick Derkatch in K2, Jasmine Wasyliw in 1T, Brenna Reine in 1C, Charli Sharko in 2C, Ava Love
in 2M, Shayna Leson in 3OST, Kaira Kuhn in ¾ and Methyl Trask in 4L.

For the major draw of day, four bicycles purchased by the Canora Fire Department, winners were drawn from the entries that they made in the AR program. The more that they read, the more times their names were entered. The winners were: Meadow Ostafie, Jasmine Wasyliw, Havin Berehula and Hayden Starecki.

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