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Yorkton street cleaning effort now has naming sponsor

A cheque was presented Feb. 14, to SaskAbilities for $6,000 with PHCDC providing $5,000.
From left;  Donna Brothwell Executive Director YBID, Wendy Haberman Employment Specialist with SaskAbilities, Rachel Kleebaum worker with Clean Sweep winter, and Todd Kulcsar Owner of Refined Magazine and Chair of YBID for 2024.  Missing was our Naming sponsor Laurie Blackbird with PHCDC. 

YORKTON - The long-running street cleaning effort in Yorkton now has a new naming sponsor.

PHCDC Clean Sweep program began this year when the first snow fell so only now is getting in most of the clearing. 

The Clean Sweep Program was started way back in 2011, as the downtown business organization recognized a need to keep the district clean and safe for the businesses, community, and the general shopping and beautification of the district. 

The original Clean Sweep Program included the carts that in the summer time the crew pushes or pulls down the sidewalks of the district keeping them clear. This program continues each summer with three-to-five workers who go out each week day.   

In the fall of 2020, the YBID recognized a need to keep the walks of the district clean from snow during the winter months, so the district remains walkable, shoppable, and easy access to the brick-and-mortar businesses.

As a result the Clean Sweep winter program was born.

So now you will see program workers out shovelling the sidewalks as part of the program during the winter as the snow flies. 

For two years now YBID has been able to fund the project with the help of the PHCDC who this year came onboard as naming sponsor.  

In 2022 the original organization working with YBID on the program had to give up the program due to lack of staff. SaskAbilities took on the challenge and has had the program for two years now. They over see the workers, train, work with, supervise and payment for the workers comes through their work program. 

Workers with SaskAbilities come out each snowfall and clear the snow which is hard work and labour intensive, noted a YBID release. They are dedicated to the work and are proud of the job they get to do for the community and the district.

In the release YBID thanked PHCDC for the funding for the project which keeps the district sidewalks clear.

A cheque was presented Feb. 14, to SaskAbilities for $6,000 with PHCDC providing $5,000.