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CWE's Rumble to Remember delivers night of thrills to Cote

The Canadian Wrestling's Elite event featured challenger Norman Harras and the reigning champion Zombie Killer Mentallo.

COTE FIRST NATION — In a night filled with electrifying performances and unexpected twists, Canadian Wrestling's Elite (CWE) treated fans in Cote First Nation to the Rumble to Remember tour.

The evening kicked off with an invitation to the merchandise table, encouraging attendees to grab snacks and drinks before the action unfolded.

The Nov. 20 event's host, Danny Duggan set the stage for a stacked card, promising an over-the-top-rope rumble as the main event. The anticipation grew as the CWE Championship match took center stage, featuring challenger Norman Harras and the reigning champion, Zombie Killer Mentallo.

The audience was treated to a series of intense matches, including an impromptu tag team bout that saw unexpected disqualifications and fiery confrontations between Shaun Martens with Kevin O’Doyle versus Levi Night and Sal Cote. The tag team match was made after Kevin O’Doyle entered the ring during a one-on-one match between Shaun Martens and Levi Night. Local Sal Cote volunteered to help Levi Night for the tag team match.

A legendary figure from the world of wrestling, introduced as a CWE legend and international wrestling icon, Ultimo Dragon made a special appearance, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event. Matched against Lion Warrior Bobby Sharpe, Ultimo Dragon ultimately won the match despite Sharpe’s aggressive choke locks.

As the evening unfolded, fans witnessed a series of eliminations in the over-the-top-rope rumble, a wrestling match where every minute a new contender enters the ring, building suspense and excitement. By the end, despite having an injured leg, Chad Daniels went home the winner for the over-the-top-rope rumble.

Throughout the event, the crowd's energy remained high, prompting the hosts to generously distribute free prizes to the lively audience.