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Madge Lake Bible Camp fall supper met with huge turnout

Madge Lake and the surrounding area came together for a fall supper held at the Madge Lake Bible Camp on Sept. 16.

MADGE LAKE—In a bustling gathering on Sept. 16,  Madge Lake and the surrounding area came together for a fundraising event held at the Madge Lake Bible Camp. The event attracted a considerable number of attendees, though the exact count remained uncertain.

According to one of the organizers, the turnout within the first hour of the supper was approximated to be 350 individuals, a testament to the community's support for the camp's mission.

There were around 30 volunteers actively participating in the event, offering their time and effort to support the cause.

Ryan Weisner, the camp counsellor explained that the event was an annual occurrence, having taken place for over a decade. The primary purpose of the gathering was to raise funds to support the Bible camp's various programs and activities during the summer holidays.

Weisner said, “I don't even know how many years but for sure 10. Probably more like, I’m gonna say 15.”

"We had 937 campers at our camp this summer, and we're very thankful for everyone who has come out to support the camp and help with our budget," said Weisner, expressing gratitude for the community's support.

As the event continued to unfold, attendees enjoyed the various foods, including meatballs, perogies, turkey, and even a multitude of cakes. Many engaged in conversations with event organizers and volunteers, adding to the festive atmosphere. With so many attendees at the event, it was a challenge to get through the front door.

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